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This is the place where you'll find out about SurvCalc - surveying software for the Hewlett Packard HP48 calculator.

Besides creating SurvCalc we also distribute Hewlett Packard calculators.  So, if you already own an HP48 and you're looking for some good surveying software or if you're looking for a complete survey package (calculator & software) you've come to the right place!

In addition to SurvCalc we are currently developing datalogging software for the HP48.  As many of you know data-collectors retail for about NZD$5,000.  With a Hewlett Packard calculator, SurvCalc and our soon to be released datalogging software (all for less than $1,000) you'll have a powerful tool that will not only compliment your field gear, it will also hold its place beside your office PC.

So there are some exciting things going on!  In fact, you'll probably want to bookmark this page so you can visit later to see what's cooking.

Drop us an email sometime.

Reece Gardner

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