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The purpose of this page is to offer interested individuals some tips and ideas that can be used in the many different possible survival scenarios. We live in a modern world where every need is an arm length away and our needs can be easily met with a short drive and a few dollars. It is hard for us to imagine what it would be like to not have access to Wal-Mart or the various grocery stores that we take for granted. In the event that you had to fend for yourself, could you? Have you made some simple preparations that could keep you and your family safe? The information contained in this site will help you to make these simple preparations that can give you and your loved ones peace of mind. The most important thing though is not just that you read this information and understand what I'm suggesting, but that you take the initiative to act on these things. In the event that you have to rely on the information contained in this site, this will be one of the wisest investments of time and money that you ever made. Good luck!

In case you are still a bit skeptical about whether or not taking steps to ensure your survival is rational, There has been included a list of some possible events that could lead to a survival situation. That is a situation that you will need to have made extra preparations for. See Below:

*A Natural Disaster (ex: Hurricane, Ice Storm, ETC.)

*A Terrorist Attack

*A Major Power Outage

Disclaimer: All information contained in this site is solely intended for educational purposes only. The author strongly advocates strictly adhereing with local laws in regards to firearms and other weapons. The use of information contained within the U.S. Survival Website is done at your own discretion. Misuse of this information is unintended by the author and is strongly discouraged.

God Bless the U.S.A!

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