Vecepia Towery: Survivor 4 Winner
AT 8pm ET/PT

It's down to Paschal, Neleh, Vecepia, and Kathy: Last-minute deals, surprise twists of fate, two Immunity Challenges, and two Tribal Councils later, two of these castaways will face a Jury of seven and be asked to answer for their actions on the island.

Bonds of friendship and feelings of betrayal surface during a heated final Tribal Council.

Find out who wins Survivor: Marquesas when the final vote is revealed LIVE from New York's famed Central Park on the two-hour season finale!

Then stay tuned to see all 16 castaways reunite for the first time, also live from New York, on a special reunion broadcast hosted by Rosie O'Donnell!

Don't miss a special encore presentation of Thursday's episode of Survivor Marquesas on Saturday at 8:00 ET/PT.
Survivor 5
"The Film Board and other relevant agencies have given their approval to CBS to film its fourth season of "Survivor" on Tarutao Island National Reserve. The production team will stay in the Forestry Department's lodgings on Tarutao Island. Only the show's 16 competitors will be allowed to stay in the island's forest area, Film Board director Sidhichai Jayant said. Filming is loosely set for July."  
Survivor News:
Saturday, 04/20/02
[S6 News] The producer of Survivor, wants to bring back his favorite castmembers, for an All-Star season of Survivor.
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Survivor Poll
Who do you think will be the sole Survivor?
Kathy (28) 42%
Neleh (18) 27%
Paschal (11) 16%
Vecepia (10) 15%

Total Votes: 67

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