Rules Of The Game
The acro games will be played once a week on Friday nights at midnight
EDT/EST in a password secure "Tournament Game Room" at
Acro Challenge.

The tribe to win the best of three games each week, excluding ties, will
be awarded immunity.  All of their tribe members return
to play the following week.  The losing tribe must vote a member of
their tribe off the island.

Survivor Acro will be played in the "Clean" format and consist of acro
subjects offered by the server. 

If you are unable to attend a game, you are responsible to notify your
tribe by posting a message at the Survivor Acro forum at
So as not to make the tribes wait to start the game.  If missing a weekly
game is your fate and your tribe loses immunity, you CANNOT place your vote
the week of the missed game.  However, you can still be voted off the
island by your tribe members.

All votes must be emailed immediately following the weekly conclusion of
the Survivor Acro games.  Direct your vote off emails to our "Host" at:
If you wish to continue acroing on the island after the Immunity games are
complete you may do so.  The losing tribe can continue to play only after
emailing the Host their vote.

If you are voted off in a previous week, you are welcome to attend the
following games as a visitor/spectator.  Spectators are NOT allowed to enter acros, NOT allowed to enter votes and NOT allowed to enter acros into
the chat box.  However, spectators are free to chat and private message.

Eventually the two tribes will merge and immunity will no longer belong to a tribe... it will belong solely to one player.

The last 10 players voted off the island are expected to return in Week 14
for the final Survivor Acro game between the remaining 3 tribe members. 
The 10 player jury will determine the Ultimate Survivor Acroer!

Last, but not least... have fun and enjoy the game : )