18 days into the game and the 6th person has been ousted. Kelley, the 13 year old aspiring poet from Salem, OR got the boot after arguing with numerous members of her tribe. Immediately after Tribal Council, Kelley started interrogating Chad and

Kelley’s departure makes Chad determined to stay around.
CHAD: We’re at the final twelve. I want to get farther in the game. So I’m going to have to start playing dirtier than I have been.

A shocking twist changes some people’s game plans…

VOICE: I don’t want him to be paranoid and run to others, so I’ll just lie to him.
VOICE: Sorry girl, but you’re no use to us anymore. So we’re cutting you loose.

…and forces people to think twice about their position.
VOICE: My trust in him is waning, and I know that if something better
comes up he’s going to ditch me.
VOICE: I’m feeling terrified right now. I feel like such an outcast. I know
that she’s a great friend, but she’ll stab me in the back in a heartbeat. Best friends for never.

All this and more in Episode 7: The Shake-Up

Who will be crowned Sole Survivior?
much to her surprise, Adam had his back. At the reward challenge, Kay was the first to solve the maze giving her 3 totems with Brie and Kaci winning 2 and 1 respectively. Another fight erupts when Frank puts his foot down and Lamia bites back. At the immunity challenge, Kaci snagged an individidual immunity and her Coco tribe was victorius for the second time in a row. There was no question about who would leave at Tribal Council and low and behold Kelley was sent home in a unanimous vote of 4-1.
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