September 1st, 2002
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Finally, after 39 days and 5 months waiting to see the who won, we actually found out the soul survivor was Vecepia! Excited V fell on the floor happy as a she could ever be. Who wouldn't with 1 million dollars. Stay tuned for Survivor 5 in Thailand
What I have noticed over the last 4 Survivor seasons, the very last person to win immunity always loses the game. Always! I don't know if its bad luck or something but if I were on Survivor, I would not want to win the very last immunity. Survivor 5 is very culture related being in Thailand. Being in a jungle is not always easy. There are aspects of a jungle that are very dangerous including the plants, animals, bugs, and more species of bacteria.
Congratulations to Vecepia for winning the soul Survivor of Survivor Marquesas!
Just to let everyone know, I may be turning back for the season of Survivor 5. Not positive but I may be turning back. For now, this site has made it from October 2001 to May 2002. Thank you so much for viewing my website. Please enjoy season 5 of Survivor! I bet it will be a good one.