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ORG Rank
The tribes were asked to pick a representative to compete in the next challenge, they were shocked to find out the tribe who finished 3rd was dissolved, the tribe finished 2nd was sent to tribal council, and the tribe with 1st place won immunity.  Anastasia fell victim to the twist and was sent home.
Due to the several hurricanes that struck Florida, my power went out and kept crashing my computer, and one of the crashes caused everything on my C Drive to be deleted, so half the pictures were deleted (all of Tribal Council Voting History, some of the Challenge Tracker, some of the Survivors Bar, and some other ones) and I don't have the template anymore I used for them, I'm trying my best to recover them so until I do (IF I do), this site will look.. crappy?
-One tribe mate slacks off at a challenge, angering the others

-Bagyo struggles to change their losing streak

-Paranoia begins to take over the survivors.
Anastasia's Final Words

The original tribe names were not

They were planned to be
-Some alliances start to crumble as backstabbing begins to occur

-The fate of the tribes lie within one person

-Two tribemates are set vulnerable at tribal council.