Jessika has won Survivor Tasmania in a 5-2 vote.

Chastity was voted out after fighting with Jessica and Isaiah and alligning with Stacey.

Stacey and Robin were voted out.

Isaiah then backstabbed Jessica and the Final 3 was Jen, Isaiah, and Jessika. Jessika won immunity and took Isaiah, and then beat him 5-2.
Why no more episodes?

Due to the blandness of the season, a trippy website editor, and an overall burden, the rest of the episodes of Survivor Tasmania have been cancelled. A short summary of the winner will be posted later. I've been very busy, and trust me - Season 4 (Patagonia) will be able to be that much better without the stress of Tasmania on my back. It's simply a lost cause, and many have become disinterested. I hope you all will understand.

The good news:

- Patagonia's cast will be able to be up sooner than before, and I'll be able to put more time into the site design.

Thanks for all your support,