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Sixteen Americans will be stranded in the middle of the most remote place on earth, the Marquesas; Part of Tahiti's mystical islands in the south pacific.  Thousands of miles from the nearest continent, it is a place of rugged beauty with magnificent waterfalls, towering banyan trees, and a backyard home to some of the most exotic and dangerous sea life in the world.  This island with a history steeped in superstition and violence will be their home for 39 days and for the first time, these survivors will be given no rations whatsoever.  No food, No water, No fire.  With only the barest of essentials they must fend for themselves utilizing the resources of the land and their own survival skills.  It is a difficult but not impossible task, everything they need to survive is on the island.  Their success will depend upon their ability to work together to create a new society while battling the elements and each other.  It is the ultimate challenge, ...outwit ...outplay ...outlast.  Until only one remains and emerges as the sole survivor.