Fan Taqsim Belly Dance


Fan Taqsim was originally born from my unique way of belly dancing with a Chinese silk fan, fusing Chinese classical dance with middle eastern dance.  ‘Fan’ also because it means “the art of” and ‘Taqsim’, the serpentine movements, the undulations and curves of the slower, more sensuous form of belly dancing known as ‘taqsim’.








Tak What?


Taqsim is an Arabic word pronounced as “Touk-Sim”.  Traditionally, it means a break where a specific musical instrument is played solo.  This is usually the cue for the belly dancer to break into a solo piece.  most often, when taqsim is played or performed, the music is slow, hypnotic and the dancer may perform a lot of floor work, undulations and snake arms.  I personally like taqsim because I prefer to dance a story and story telling through dance is best communicated when the audience has time to hear, watch and learn.


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Belly Dance Classes


Women all over the world are beginning to understand what it is to be a fabulous female through belly dancing. 


While this was happening, I was off taking a long break, keeping private classes and performances to a selected few.  My apologies for the long absence! I've started teaching intermediate classes (8 one-and-a-half-hour classes per course) at Bishan Community Club on Tuesday evenings. For more information, please call Mr Lim at Tel: 6259 1056 for cost fees and timing details. The current intake will end on 4 July 2006.  


I am also conducting a series of Fusion Belly Dance workshops (PA’s request, not mine) from April - August 2006 as part of the Arab Heritage Trial organised by the People's Association. This is actually quite an interesting initiative which features a range of activities to bring greater appreciation of the Arab culture to the heartlands. There will be workshops on Arab cuisine, makeup, calligraphy, music, dance (that's my area) which will be brought to the various community clubs on the weekends. For more information, check with your local community club or with Ms Chua Hong Yin of PA at Tel: 63405 393, or visit 


For those who want to look into performing professionally and would like to learn more about choreography, costuming, and performance skills, workshops and private lessons are highly recommended.


More information is available here.




Photo Gallery


There are many opportunities to catch belly dance performances in Singapore.  From the private halfas (literally a party where there is a lot of belly dancers and a whole lot of jammin’) to the many themed parties organised by the restaurants and clubs, if a belly dancer(s) has been engaged to perform, most likely the community will show up to support that dancer and to jam.


Some pictures from recent events can be viewed here.






Most performances this year are private functions with a few selected public performances, usually charity events.  The highlight of the year will definitely be a troupe performance with some of Singapore's finest dancers at the much anticipated and much needed, Cairo! Cairo! festival coming up in July this year. See below for the exciting details. 

Text Box: Majorly Exciting News

Three major events are vying for our attention, resources and time in the months of June – August 2006.  Suddenly, I really feel like cloning myself and praying to win the lottery.  

June sees the arrival of the co-called Asia-Global Competition, which I am declaring right here and now, I am not involved or associated with in any way.  To those who are participating, good luck.  

There is also the Hossam Ramzy World Tour which will come to Singapore in July this year.  The details are available in the next box as I am not involved in that except as an avid fan and admirer of both Serena and Hossam.

But let me talk about what, to me, is the single most exciting thing to happen to us in Singapore this year … in fact, in the almost six years I have been here!  OK, only the Mahmoud Reda workshop in 2005 tops this so far.

Followers of the industry will know that we have been very fortunate to receive the tutelage of master teachers, from Egypt and all over the world, almost quarterly for many years. Much of this has been due to the tireless and oftimes thankless labour of Claribel, of Claribel Raks Sharqi Studio, one of Singapore's most respected, pioneering middle eastern dance teacher.  Not satisfied in bringing individual master teachers to our fair shores, this overachiever has decided to outdo herself by recreating a mini version of the annual Ahlan Wa Sahlan aka Cairo Festival right here in Singapore. 

Cairo! Cairo! A Celebration of Egyptian Dance features 4 master teachers converging here in July to torture us into some semblance of dance mastery.  I cannot express how masochistically thrilled I am that she has done this for the benefit and edification of our industry.  I strongly encourage you to sign up for as many workshops as you can afford, buy tickets for the concert, and come jam with us at the party to celebrate our survival of this 4-day marathon!

Click Cairo! Cairo! for more information.  

Master Teachers – Raqia Hassan, Dr Mo Geddawi, Momo Kadous, Rhanda Kamel

28 July 2006 – A Celebration of Egyptian Dance at UCC Hall, NUS from 8-10pm
Tickets at SGD65,50,35,20
Featuring Solo Performers Rhanda Kamel, one of the top belly dancers in Cairo & Momo Kadous, an Egyptian master dance instructor from Germany, as well as Troupe Dancers from Claribel’s Raks Sharki Studio comprised of a group of the finest belly dancers in Singapore, including regular professional performers such as Angelina, Claribel, Ghram, Hsiao-min, Kyoko, Serene, Shanna, Stephanie (blush), Susanna and many more … obviously I did not write this …

Choreographers for the troupe dancers are Dr Mo Geddawi for cane, Madam Raqia Hassan for melaya & hagalla, Serene Lim for sagat & Claribel Ng for double veil dances – all under the advisement of Dr Mo Geddawi, and supervised and co-ordinated by Claribel. 

Tickets can be purchased from, any Singpost counter or S.A.M. kiosk.  Fr credit card bookings, call the GATECRASH ticketing hotline at 6222 5595. 

29-30 July 2006 – Workshops by Egyptian Master Teachers at NUS

31 July 2006 – Workshops by Egyptian Master Teachers at NUS, followed by the Closing Gala Party with performances by the workshop participants, a bazaar, a belly dance disco and most interestingly, a belly dance competition where the 1st prize is the chance to perform at the Closing Gala of the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival in Cairo in 2007!

The programme is subject to change by the organiser (that’s Claribel in case you weren’t paying attention), pending any major disasters beyond her control.  Fingers, ankles and sagats crossed.

Call Claribel for more information or to book your place for all (g’wan, ya know ya wanna!) or some of the events, at 6476 2292 or 9797 2261, or email her at or contact me at 9489 8701, or email at
























































Text Box: The Other Exciting News

Right, I am going to just cut & paste the information (with very minimal editing from me) from the organisers of the Hossam & Serena Ramzy World Tour to Singapore as I am not involved in any way in this event.  Except to tell you to go as Hossam & Serena are phenomenal in their craft.

Hossam & Serena Ramzy World Tour to Singapore – Rhythms and Belly Dance of the Nile

Anna Performance Dance Company is proud to present the Ultimate Belly Dance concert, belly dance and percussion workshops.

Rhythm & Belly Dance of the Nile
Featuring the World’s Best Percussionist & World Famous Belly Dance Princess (honest, I had nothing to do with the writing!)

The concert also features Singapore leading Belly dancer; Anna, Yuki, Serene, Angelina, Hsiao-Min and “Anna Performance Dazzle” dance troupe.

Concert: 5 July 2006 (Wednesday) 
Venue: Kallang Theatre
Time: 8-10.30pm
Ticket price: S$25, 36, 48 & 58 – Hurry! Early Bird discount available!! (I so did not write this!)
Tickets are sold through SISTIC website, SISTIC’s hotline (65) 6348 5555 and SISTIC Authorised Agents

Lecture & video - Belly dance “Star of Egypt” (is that like Jewish? … bad Stephanie! Bad!): 
4 July 2006, 7-10pm, Ticket price: $25

Belly dance workshops: 
7 July 2006, Egyptian Dance Rhythms, 7-10pm, $60
8 July 2006, Dancing to the Music, Music Interpretation, Choreography, 2-7pm, $150
9 July 2006, Baladi, Tabla Solos, New Choreography, 10.30am-7pm, $230
Special package:
$380 for all 4 workshops
$260 for Friday plus Sunday morning and afternoon workshops
$190 for Friday plus Saturday workshop
Percussion workshops: 
10 July 2006, Workshop 1, Tarab, Rig & Duff, 7-10pm, $120
11 July 2006, Workshop 2, Drumming technique, Arabian rhythm, 7-10pm, $120

For details, see, email to or call 8194 4086.


























Kind Words


“I watched your performance at Chijmes last Friday, and was delighted at how unique your style of belly dancing is! J  I have been enthusiastically following the belly dance scene.  But by far your fan performance is the most fa[s]cinating I’ve seen so far.”


1.    from an intrigued belly dancer, G



“You were the best performance that night.  You were so dainty and looked like Kuanyin coming down to earth .. (eh????).”


2.    from a belly dance student (not mine)



“You looked like this famous Indian actress and dancer called Helen who ruled the Indian movie world for 20 years.  You danced as beautifully as her and looked as exotic.  (Awwww .. bless!)”


3.    from a nice Indian gentleman at an impromptu performance


“You danced the Saidi cane dance really well.  Thank you so much .. it was as good as if we were at home.”


-        from a guest at the Egyptian Ambassador’s residence



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