Welcome To My World!!!


Yo, what's up people. Well I sorta fixed up my entire website, because...
it's a long story.
Some pages are under construction, because I wanna make them
better. I'll try to hurry as fast as I can.
Especially the Twins site!
It's down now. I'm only focusing on that now!
Well hope everyone has a great summer!
Also adding a new Fushigi Yuugi Webpage!

One more thing...TWINS ARE THE BOMB!!!!!!!


Disclaimers: I don't own any of this stuff. These pictures and other stuff are not mine, and I didn't now create any of them on this website! Please don't take stuff that does not belong to me. The only thing I did was put the wesite together.




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[Fushigi Yuugi]

~Twins 眼 紅 紅~ 



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