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Our goal is to share with you both the research which we have personally done and that which has been so kindly shared with us by others.
We eventually hope to link to all pages of interest to people researching this surname, whether they are related or not; to present this information on the web so that it can be freely accessed by any of our surname members at any time, from any place; and to offer as much assistance as possible in your personal genealogy search.

"The unrecorded past is none other than our old friend, the tree in the primeval forest which fell without being heard."

I want to take a minute and say thank you to the many people who have helped me by contributing information to these pages, and who are still sending more information.

In particular I would like to thank Kaye Woodby Dennison, Gene Kirk Mary Gill, Darrel Stevens, Chris Woodby, the other Chris Woodby, Elisa Woodby, Alice Goodson Woodby, Marcia Woodby Zech, Dennis Woodby, Darris Woodby, Larry Wallace, Ray Woodby, Pauline Mashburn and Bonnie Woodby. 

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