Susan Archer's             Equine Massage
What is Equine Massage?

A form of Holistic/Complementry therapy, which treats the horse as a whole, not only one particular area, but treats mind body & soul as one.  Gaining maximum results.

Massage is working on the horses muscle mass, using differnt techniques & pressures to work the muscle fibres, to relax and stimulate them & therefore manipulating the soft tissue. 
Neck work on Holly (My horse)
Massaging Horses has many Benefits here are a few:

Helps Increase joint mobility
Improves muscle & skin tone, and coat condition
Stimulates all body systems, Circulatory, nervous, immune etc
Helps prevent injuries (warm up)
Disperses lactic acid & toxins (cool down)
Aids the break down of adhesions from past injury
Can Enhance Performance (If horse feels on top form, he will perform better)
Relaxes & calms horses

The Massage Itself:

The massage  can be Stimulating and or Relaxing, usually lasting between 45 mins to an hour, depending on the individual horse. Leg & Tail Stretches also Flexion work is available.

When/Where can i  work?

I am available to work in areas local to Tyneside, (Clear directions are greatly appreciated)
I do massage on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

Please Note
You Will Need Your Vet's Permission Before I work On Your Horse:
***Special Introductory Offer***
Equine Massage Only 10.00 (limited time only)
Related Qualifications:

The Pat Ki certificate in Equine Massage .
National Federation of Spiritual Healing Stage 1 & 2
Caption Competition
Your Chance to win A Free Equine Massage for your horse
Watch This Space.......
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Susan Archer

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