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Eccentric Southwestern
Fine Art Paintings

Symbolic inspirational visionary
Santa Fe artist Susan Stone Salas, imparts
1800's North American history, personal experiences,
and the world of equus through her paintings. Her
expressions often transcend comfortable illusions,
to that of unsettling perplexity with an ultimate
goal of exposing injuries for resolution.

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'Mirror'  woman and horse mirror each others lives 'Mustang 1' 'Mask'

American Indian History
Trail of Tears

'Tears of an Elder' Eastern Nations Trail of Tears 'Children Won't Know Freedome' Eastern Nations Trail of Tears 'Slaughtered Innocence'

'Black Kettle' Cheyene Chief, Sand Creek Massacre survivor 'Black Kettles Wife' Sand Creek Massacre survivor 'There's a Home in Heavan'


. 'Lakota Woman' with the spirit of Crazy Horse 'Don't Dare To See me Cry' 'Whiper' Ghost Dance

'One Unveiled tear Drop' Trail of Tears 'Why' Buffalo Slaughter of the 1800's


Landscape impressions
'Indigenous Soil' 'Seascape' 'Soul in Dormancy'


Peace 'Fense' 'Soul in Mourning'



'Run' a natural reaction to run from a frightning situation. 'Crazy Horse' in memory of a fallen leader. 'Into The Light'.

'Trot'. 'Posing'. 'Flee'


'Muneca in Heavan'. . 'Seven' for the prophecy of the seven stars in heavan. .


Figurative expressionism

'Sheding Light' Sept.11 in memorium 'Runaway Dawn' life of a runaway Password Protected 'What?' a perpetrators reflection

'Speachless' victim of domestic violence 'Mired' victim of domestic violence 'Ramon'



Animal Rights

'Entre La Lucha' A sport that entails piecing the shoulders of a bull until his head remains down, with front legs spread, then he is ready to be killed with a long sword that is pierced between his shoulders to his heart.



'Children' 'The Return'

. 'Resurrection'

'Cruzified1' 'The Original Artist' 'Cruzified 2'


Dry brush on paper

Inner Sadness He Won Her in a Poker Game 'Where the Forest id Thick'

Ink on paper

'Man in the Light' 'Cat Talk' 'Birdy'


'Basking' 'Stallion' 'Hey'

Sculptures unique

'Prieto' horse sculpture. .'Cruzifix ' Sculpture



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