Susan Beverly, MLA

Welcome to Susan Beverly, MLA's website! Use the navigation links to your right to find out more about Susan's latest news, contact information, and other exciting events! Susan Beverly, MLA (Master of Liberal Arts) has been a writer, visual artist, and singer her entire life. She lives at her studio, Sweetspot Arts, on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

She is a Creativity Consultant, using such sources as The Artist's Way to help people overcome blocks to living their dreams. She is the founder of The International Poetry Forum (since 1990), was Literature Advisor to the Carroll County Arts Council, and was a representative for Wordhouse Magazine. Her work is widely published and awarded. She loves reading aloud publicly and often. She enjoys collaboration with colleagues in the arts. Her writing thrives on the concepts and experiences of philosophy, psychology, relationships, and spirituality. She loves titles and twists that surprise at the end of poems. Reach her online via email.