Susan Johnson
Hi my name is Susan Johnson, I am originally from Austin, TX and currently I live in College Station, TX. I graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and received my MBA from Texas A&M University. I am currently the Buying Manager for a large department store chain and I live by myself with my cat Felix.. Pictures Page 1

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I love the water, I love to boat, sail, Jet Ski, water ski, etc.. You will find me most weekends on Lake Somerville or at my friends swimming pool.

I also love to cook, let me wine and dine you. In fact I love to spoil people, some say too much but I love making others happy.
My best friend is Allison. We once were in a relationship but later found out that we were best friends for life and had more fun being friends. We just loved each other too much to spoil what we had.

I have a mom, dad, and one brother. I'm the baby and my Daddy loves to spoil me rotten however my Mom has done a good job of making sure I am not going to be difficult in my relationships by keeping me real at all times. :) Thanks Mom!.

My brother is a piece of work living in Austin and we are not sure how he pays his bills but we love him!.


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