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The Dunollie  Castle ,was Built in
The 12th century, probaby by Ewan    MacDougall, ,3rd cheif of the             McDougall Clan. The MacDougalls   who occupied this Castle were            Decendents of, King Somerland, of   Scotland. Located in Scotland.On
  the North Side of Oban,on a large Hill With a Hidden Path up to the Site.

The Dunstaffnage Castle was built by
Duncan Ewen MacDougal, around 1275
(Lord of Lorn) In 1309 it was captured by Robert De Bruce, the Castle was turned over to the Campbells in 1470. Located in Scotland.
The McDowell Family  an , ancient family of Galloway, Scotland . Is a family of Dalriadian Orgin.The MacDowell's,are Anciently related to "Prince" Fergus,Lord of Galloway.Relation to the King Somerland of Argyll ,and the Isles.Their Name was Originialy MacDougall, But their ancester is said to be Duegald, a Younger son of Uchtred, the Second Lord of Galloway, Scotland.The McDowall's of Galloway, are said to be Senior Decendents in the Male line of the Princely House of Fergus Born in 1096, First of the Ancient Galloway
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