Hi my name is Susan Miller and I am a crossdresser who lives in Portland Oregon. What this means is I like to dress up as a woman. I like to wear makeup, dresses, skirts, jeweler and high heels shoes. But most of all I love getting my nails done. I adore acrylic nails and take every opportunity to have them done, even if it is just for over a weekend which is normally how I do it. You will find some pictures especially of my nails which I am very proud of.

A lot of people do not understand crossdressing so I will tell you what it means to me. Fist thing is I am not gay. I am not at all attracted to men and I do not want to be a woman. I just like to wear their clothes and dress like them. It is hard to explain but it is almost therapeutic. When I am Susan none of the problem I face as my male self matter. It's as if they are someone else's problem. I slip into Susan and any stress that I was feeling goes away. My friends tell me I am the most stress free laid back easy going person they now. They just don't know how I get that way. Crossdressing allows me to relax and be someone else for a while. It's also a lot more fun shopping, yes I am a guy who loves to go shopping. I can't imagine what woman wouldn't like a guy who likes to shop.

There is also nothing sexual for me about crossdressing. I look at it as a hobby like anything else you might do to get away from the daily grind. I can't tell you how relaxing it is to go and have your nails done, you ladies out there can probably relate to this. Men have such boring clothes to wear. Basically pants and a shirt in pretty slandered colors. If you have never noticed next time you are in a store like
Nordstrom's look at the clothes sections. The women's is twice the size and has all different styles and colors. Crossdressers get to share that. As a crossdresser I can walk through the women's clothes department and try on beautiful dresses and skirts. And then there is the cosmetics counter. A crossdressers dream comes true. There are all the different kinds and colors of makeup.

The sales people who work here are so friendly and willing to help you. Even a crossdresser is welcome and treated incredible. For those moments you are in the store you feel special. The other thing is crossdressing is just fun, you can try all kinds of new looks. You can try different hair styles and makeup. Crossdressing allows you to leave your male self behind and for a brief while be someone else.

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Shopping Trip and my acrylic nails by clicking on the links below
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Any questions please Fe-mail me and I will try to answer the best I can but be nice. I will not answer rude e-mails or men trying to pick me up.
Yahoo is shutting down geocities where I have had my web page for 10 year. I have moved it to Microsoft web hosting which is still free and very easy to use. if you are looking for a home for your web page give them a try. in the mean time please Check out my new web web page at http://susanmiller64.web.officelive.com/default.aspx
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I have most of my pictures now on flickr. They include pictures of me out and about with other cross-dressers and also pictures of my nails when I had Acrylic nails done which I love so please check them out.