My name is Susan, and no that isnít my kitchen. I had a boyfriend who liked taking pics. That was his place, his camera and his stains on the formica :0))

I moved to LA from South Carolina about 8 months ago. I figured I'd stay with an old school friend while I settled in. I've settled in, but my friend headed north with her man. Nice for her but she was one of the few people I know here. :0(

I'm no barfly and I don't have enough cash to take classes and meet people so I've been trying to socialize online. If you want to chat, great. If you want to meet even greater Ė I'm looking for friends and fun. My only request is that we chat a bit online first. My boss is a bit weird and I've only got room for one weird person in my life. I've got a profile at iFriends and I'm there most nights. Please stop by, say hullo, let me check you out. We can talk with or without a webcam and get to know each other a little before we get together.

See you there, I hope!