Jayme as Cindy
Susan Olsen's #1 Fan

Susan Olsen as Cindy Brady
Written Interview with Jayme Vasas (Our host for this site.)
  1. What is it about Susan Olsen that inspires you?

    Im not sure why she inspires me. One night it was 9:00, and I was boared. So, i turned it to Nick at Nite. The Brady Bunch was on. So, I watched it. It was the last episode, the Hiar-Brained Scheme ( my favorite! ) and I loved Cindy's hair. So, I wore it like that for a week. I Continued to watch it every night.

  2. Tell us why you feel that you are Susan Olsen's #1 fan?

    I feel that I am Susan Olsen's #1 Fan, because I have and make everything of her. Every day people call me Cindy. I also talk with a lisp just to be like her. My room is filled with Cindy things. All over my TV, are the Words Cindy Brady and Brady Bunch. My walls are full with pictures I drew of her and bubble lettered her name.

  3. If you could meet Susan Olsen, and hang out with her all day, how would you react and where would you want to go?

    I would Probally take a lot of pictures of her and get a lot of autographs. I would show her my room, and have her take us to the movies, to see a movie with her in it.

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