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1) I just got back from Jamaica where I was a presenter at an awards banquet. I LOVE JAMAICA. I must go back soon with my son.

2) Got together with Danny Bonaduce on his radio show on Friday to promote the new video coming out. He's so funny, he keeps inferring that there's some kind of rivalry between the Bradys and the Partridges (There never was) I go along with it for humor's sake. My son was with me and made his radio debut!

3) I will be going to New York on the 15th to do the Today Show with Florence.

4) MOST IMPORTANT: "Brady Home Movies" will be out on Rhino Home Video on November 7th!!!!!!! Just in time to be a great stocking stuffer!!!!! Remember, this is the ONLY Brady production that Paramount does not own! Why is this important? I'll tell you why: Paramount will never let it air again on TV so don't figure you can wait and record it yourself. Also, since Paramount doesn't have their hands in the cookie jar, actual, real live Bradys will see money from this! Hey there's a switch!

Originally when I produced this show for CBS, I wanted to do like an E! True Hollywood Story or VH-1's Behind the Music. Nobody was doing that stuff yet! (it was only five years ago) CBS insisted that it not "come across as a documentary" so it's really rather goofy and corny in it's style. BUT it is the first time in ten years that EVERYONE was gathered for a production and I'd bet hard money that it's the LAST time you'll see us all in one place. Sad but true.

Susan is featured in the NOV 2000 Autograph Collector Magazine.

Susan Olsen
Susan Olsen: As sweet as ever.

Speaking of child stars, right across the way from Frankie’s booth was Susan Olsen, who played Cindy on The Brady Bunch. As soon as collectors were finished with Frankie, they raced over to nab Susan on their Brady Bunch photos. She was very easy to get because almost everyone was waiting for Frankie, and she had virtually no line. While she may not look like Cindy now, Susan still has that sweet personality.

Susan Olsen is no longer with Comedy World. Now that her initial contract is up she has decided to move on to a myriad of other projects and to seek other opportunities (more details to come). She had a great time at Comedy World with both co-hosts with whom she had a chance to work.

Old Brady Bunch Articles The I Love Maureen McCormick homepage has posted many articles from old teen magazines. Many tell a lot about Susan and her days on the "Brady Bunch." The url to the article page can be found below.

Susan Olsen's TV Guide article is now posted. If you would like to read it clicking here.

The Brady Hour website has posted a wonderful 1977 interview with Susan Olsen. You can read it by clicking here.

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More news to come soon!

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