Our 1st Exclusive Interview with
Susan Olsen

The Susan Olsen Fans Website is proud to have brought you this interview by Susan Olsen aka Cindy Brady when Susan was part of "Comedy World". Enjoy!

  1. What was it like being on The Brady Bunch?

    In a way I guess I'd be a bad judge of what it was like because it just seemed perfectly normal to me. It definitely was a job. I had wanted to be a regular character on a series for a while. Brady Bunch was an answer to a prayer. At the time I was up for the role of Prudence in "Nanny and The Professor" and there was talk of adding me to the cast of "Gunsmoke". My Gram said that I would get the role in whichever show God thought was right but it wouldn't hurt to express a preference. I told her that I would like to do the Brady Bunch because I'd have five other kids on the set to play with. God was listening. After a while doing the show was very much like having a second family we all got so close. It's a lot like having a second family now. Particularly Eve and I, we email each other a lot.

  2. Do you have any current appearances anywhere?

    I will be in Dallas doing a migraine convention on September 21, and then another one in Miami on the 22. These tend to be more for the medical professionals and not the general public. Hopefully as we get radio stations to braoadcast Comedy World across the country, my partner, Allan and I will be making appearances to promote them.

  3. If your fans would like to call you at Comedy world, can they?

    Yes, we accept calls during the show (Monday through Friday 9:00-11:00 AM Pacific Time) at 866-COMEDY3 or 866-266-3393.

  4. Who was your first boy-friend?

    H-m-m-m. If you really mean FIRST I guess it was a little boy in my Kindergarten class named Mark. But really my first serious relationship wasn't until I met my first husband, Steve. I was nineteen, a late bloomer. :-)

  5. If you could change one thing about your-self, what would it be?

    I would have a phenominal metabolism that would allow me to eat ANYTHING and not gain weight.

  6. Anything you wish to add?

    To all the grown-ups: Please listen to H2O on Comedy World. I really like doing the showw and if everyone listens it will be a success and I'll keep my job that I like. Come on, please...I'm a single Mom, I got to pay the mortgage! Now if you're a kid DON'T listen to H2O!! I promise that if someone offers me a job doing something for children, I'll do it! But until then, stick to reruns of the Brady Bunch!