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Welcome to the sushi adoption centre. Here you can adopt your very own sushi roll! '-^ Filled with yummy crab, avacado, carrots, and wasabi on the side! I was inspired to make a sushi adoption centre because of all of the other adoption centres out there. Anyhoo, enough with my blabbering...grab some sushi!

Soy Sauce:
Why? Because I love sushi and I wanted other people to enjoy the yummy taste of sushi with me. mmm mmm good. :D by the way, when you're adopting, please, save the sushi on your own server! :)

the rules are simple:
. no porn or racist sites may join.
. save the sushi images on your own server.
. link back to
. have fun. eat sushi. ;D

mmm. this sushi is soooo purrrfect! eat it up!

yummy. a piece of sushi filled to the top with all of the yummiest crab you've ever tasted!

mm. this sushi is stuffed with crab, avacado...and a secret sauce!

kyaa! watch out! i think it's going to burst! becareful when you eat this piece of sushi, all of the stuff inside may all fall out! *o*

HOT! you can't forget about little hot wasabi...

Sushi images were made in graphic converter. *akward scilence* okay. You Windows people don't have this, and I don't think you can download it either. It's an iMac thing you understand...the layout features tables. Made from scratch. NO STEALING. I mean it.

Sushi: Layout AND Pixels copyright to me, Lauren (vine). 2002-2005
-I've joined:
mmm. garlic. :D the passionfruit ONIGIRI!!! the Mango! the lemon
THE cheeseburger with sesame seeds bun~ Go and adopt one!
the cherry
the egg the plum takoyaki
the tomato toast xD
the green melon the green melon MG staff Chocobo
french fries!!! green tea

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Bon Appetite!! an All Things Kawaii!

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