YST/RW Gallery

Konnichiwa, MINNA!!! Thank you for coming to see this page. This page is organized in group and pair pictures, then it goes down to different characters after that. Except for the bad guy section. The bad characters don't have a separate column for each guy because I don't even have enough pictures. When I get lots of pictures that's when I'll separate everything. Hope you enjoy....oh yeah.....I didn't know whether to put in ryo and bayaku(White Blaze) in as pairs or just in the Ryo section....so I just put those pictures in the Ryo section. Bayaku will have his own section too, when I get pictures of him.....but until then, I think he will share his little section with Ryo. ENJOY!!!


Sanada Ryo / Ryo of the Wildfire

Seiji / Sage of the Halo

Touma / Rowen of the Strata

Sai / Cye of the Torrent

--- / Kento of Hardrock

The Bad Guys