Animal Crackers
Okay, hi! My name is Rebekah and I love animal crackers! They are just so good!!! So about my page, it kinda sucks cuz it's my first one and i'm not exactly what you would call a computer genius. (so come on, cut me some slack) Anyways, this page is mostly about me and just other people in my life that most of you won't care about! It will probably take me a while to finish it, but try and have patience with me. Okay about the picture, it's of me and my cousins from MI when they came down to visit me in TX. We were at this really cool restaurant that was filled with tanks of all diffrent kinds of fishies. I don't remember what it was called, Aquarium....something. So from left to right it's Natalie, Me, Lissy, and then Chad.

By the way, it will take me a couple more weeks till I upload some more pictures and don't forget to sign my guest book! Thanx!!!!!
Okay so here is where you can go so far on my page:
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Updated 12/16/02: Pictures of my Baptism! Woo Hoo!
Updated 12/13/02: Pictures of my cousin Natalie's wedding!