June 20th, 2k5

Well, I'll be getting back into a new apartment soon and I can continue my costuming!  I plan to attend Kumoricon  as well as Anime Evolution this year.  I'm very excited and will be brigning lots o' people!! I have been invited to be in a dark stalkers group- and was suggested to be Morrigan, which gives me incentive to finish my Morrigan costume! WHEE!!  That will be a cool costume.  I'll also be working on my Sailor Saturn and crazy Mima from Perfect Blue! Blood and knives...:-)

Stephie-chan and I are no longer buddies unfortuantely, so you won't be seeing her at the cons with me...or within 500 ft of me due to a *coughrestrainingordercoughcough*
but I will have my usual con parties and get togethers for friends and aquaintences.  Im 19 now, and of legal drinkign age in BS- so good times are ahead.  They were before as well, but I'll have a whole dorm...:-D

Sept. 16th, 2k4

Kumori-con 04 has passed, and I had a great time.  I took photos from it,a s well as Anime Evolution.  Kumori was my last con of the year, so from now on, Im workign to perfect my costumes, as well as saving to throw a massive presidential suite room party at sakuracon.  Yeah, stephanephalie and I know how to throw a party right XD  Our dirty pair costumes will be perfect by S-con 05.  I can't wait!

August 4th,2k4

Well- I just got back from Otakon 04 in Baltimore Maryland.  What an adventure!  I had decided the day before I woudl fly out that I wnated to go.  So I did a mad search for cheaper airplane tickets, found some and packed like mad.  I was set to fly out Thursday night, so I'd be there Friday Morning.  Wednesday night, whiel packing my costumes, I decided that I wanted a new costume, jsut for this convention.  I continued  working on my Mai Shirnaui costume, and by 9:30 a.m, I was finished.  Unfrotunately, my sewing machine is still in the shop...so I sewed it by hand.  Please check it out in my finished costumes!

I had a great time in baltimore.  I met lots of people, saw lots of great costumes, and hope to go back next year if my checkbook alows me to.  I hope to make enough modeling that I can go to cons and use them to promote my site.  I so have the best job...ever.

July 26th, 2k4

Well!  Im am officially out on my own in the world I like to call "adult hood" *scary doom music in background*  ^_^  So far though, all is well.  I am am living with Stephie and my bf Stephen in a beautiful apartment.  We're still unpacking though >_>;;;  I would liek to go to aniem evolution- It depends on if I get a job though.  Perhaps I can pump out some sales on ebay long enough to pay the bills.  I have the rest of my life to be a slave to a job. ;_;

June 1st, 2k4

Well Im all gradu-ma-tated and on my way to starting  azrazy new path in life.  I still hope to be able to afford my con attending.  I hope to attend Evolution this summer but theres no "for sure" plans.  I will definately be attending kumoricon this year in Portland though.  I will put up some pics from S-con 04.  I had a decent time.  It had it's up and downs but if I could go back and do it all over again differently- I definately would-

Im gonna add a me page on here as well  as a few other things in the next little while! :-)

January 10th, 2k4

I've worked a little bit on my finished page but it is still under construction.  While hanging up flyers for Anime Oasis is Salem, I did some thinking.  I asked myself "Why do I enjoy cons so much?-You'd think I was a crazed otaku with no life."  Well to answer that question...  I love cons not so much because I even watch anime at the few I've been to- but because I love the aura. I love all the peopel I meet and the things I am able to do.  There is a general aura of happiness there for me.  I get so giddy that afterwards, the whole con blurrs like a happy dream.  even Sakuracon 03 which was my frist con, althoguh extremely stressul at times- I had a total blast afterall.  Some may have o.k times at cons but I think my happiness is also due to the company I keep and the friends aI bring and make.  ^_^  Thanks to all who have made this agood experience. 

For those who would like to read a little about my life outside of my cosplay site...As long as you promise not to be a stalker...Feel free to visit! =^_^=


Have a great day!  I hope to finish with my finished page soon...My finished page is unfinished..ironic,eh? ha...a ha...a ha......

December 2nd, 2003-

My cosplay site is launched! I changed the theme..and am now pink stars!

My site:

I wanted a place where I could show my goals,my progress, and my accomplishments in the cosplay community.  I plan to have con diaries,photos of myself and other cosplayers, links to other sites, my fanart, and anything else that suits my fancy! 

Im not sure who will actually visit me here, but if you do..which I suppose you now are(hence you reading this ramble) I hope you find it of interesting or entertaining, neato freato  or at least ease of boredom! =^_^=
Until my next update! Take care,enjoy and don't feed the kitty sushi! rawr~

..are your powerball lucky numbers?
Click the button above!  I finally actually started a group in yahoo for it so let's see how far I can take this joke and shameless self promotion! =^_^=
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