The Strongest Words In The Universe
So here it is. My humble site. anyway, it's a place to put my poems. So here they are.

Here's my personal favorite and the one I think is the best poem I've ever written.

~~~~My Girl a Heartbeat Away~~~~

Lookin' into my history,
Always thought about mine kinda selfishly.
How to find the right girl is a mystery,
Maybe it's the next girl sitting close to me.
Or the girl I can hardly see, through the trees,
I can smell her perfume carried by the breeze.
Close and open up my eyes, you're gone instantly.
I don't doubt what I try to use usually.
I like kissing you slow, it's my favorite dream,
Thinking about how it could and it couldn't be.
Can I take a step closer to your destiny?
Maybe you and I can feel a little ecstasy.
Scientifically speaking it's your mind that I'm missing
But it's your heart, that's the part,
That's got most of us speaking.
Now it's time.
Open up your heart and soul.
Let you heart speak, that's the reason your mind can't unfold.
And let it be told that I love you girl.
Every episode let my feelings grow.
Every episode let my feelings show.
I might seem cold at first but that's how I work.
I might say the wrong things and it just might hurt.
But don't mean it when you lie, it defeats the purpose,
don't say, "I love you," when you know it's all worthless.
Cursed by the strongest words in this universe,
and when I'm lying in a hearse I'm gonna make you burst.
Now that's true love.
From the heavens above.
Fly away like a pair of white wings on a dove.
And don't get caught up in other people's plots,
The have nots trying to take away the love we've got.
Possibly my soul mate,
We can all relate,
Thinking about you so hard I can't concentrate.
Small things, anything, ain't no one day fling 'cuz I'm Thinkin' about giving an engagement ring.
White lace, white cake and a day to break.
Background : sunset by the lake and take.
Snappin' Polaroids, with my close home-boys,
When I'm sayin', "I do," it's my final choice.
And your voice is the last thing I wanna hear.
When I die, say, "I love you dear," In my ear.
And have no fear baby-girl cuz I'll see you there.
Up in the sky in a place only us two can share.
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