Hasn't This Gone On Long Enough??
YOU started all this crap in 2004 - you even admitted that you enjoyed "playing and irking people" in your journal entry below.... and today - three years later - you're still at it. For example - you're here - reading this page. You have no reason to be here .... but today is probably on one of your bad days where your meds haven't kicked in - so you're here. Trying to stir up shit again.

I don't know what else you want - I've banned you from my other website - all 11 IPs associated with the cities around where you live. There is NOTHING in my blogs about you but yet I have to keep the search engines from caching my pages just to keep private. I've kept all my other blogs private on the forums but yet you try to find a way to get access. At least on AL, it's ironclad and you're banned from that site. I have stopped posting pictures of myself so I won't find links to them in your blogs with derogatory remarks. And really, I hardly participate on any of the boards because you're there - lurking. Either you're ready to reply with some bitchy comment or you're going to take what I say somewhere else - finding some way to mock it or make it your own - just to stir up shit.
That journal entry was just the beginning - since then there have been multiple entries about me, my friends, their relationships and everything else you could poke fun at. You even went so far to mess with someone who was having a HORRIBLE time in her life. What kind of person are you?!

Evil. Pure and simple.

I am happy you're all paranoid and keeping your crazy psycho writings to yourself. That means only your stupid friends and yourself can read it. While I on the other hand make sure that everyone in the world BUT you can continue to read my writings. So you keep being paranoid - it really works well for everyone.

And yes - I have documented everything you have written because proof is the only thing that supports legal claims. A CD and document every single slander, post and derogatory remark you've made for three years. I don't know if it will ever be needed - but I have it should it ever be. I have it all - all the crap you wrote in your blog entries that were deleted on the forums - all the way back to when you joined to just this year when you submitted my email address to the spamming website. Are you that stupid to actually write your name on the website while having my email addresses and Chewie's as well? Like we wouldn't figure it out?
You should be bored of this. I haven't responded in over a year. I even dared to believe you were sincere when you apologized. But nope - it was just a way to make up alter egos and stir up shit.

There is nothing else for you to do to me! You can't read my blogs - you can't see pictures of me - you can't contact me because you've been banned off the one board I participate in.

So why are you here on this website??

You really need professional help. There is no sane reason you should be continuing to check my websites. If you're so stupid to think that I don't notice the hits from your banned IP, you really are more of a threat to yourself than anyone. There is NOTHING you can say to me anymore that I actually care about. You've lied so many times about everything that you are beyond even dealing with.

This has gone on long enough. I don't care if you're alive or dead - because I really want nothing to do with you.
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