Pet Garden Snails
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Some identifying features are:

Eggs: round, white, about 3mm in diameter.

Juveniles: Shell with one whorl only when newly hatched, smooth, light brown, speckled black, lacking any pattern of bands and flecks.

Adult shell: 4 to 5 whorls; thin, moderately glossy, sculptured with wrinkles the last whorl especially with coarse unequal wrinkles of growth and a network of smaller wrinkles running together.

The last whorl descends in front and the opening of the shell, or lip, is turned back.

32-38 mm in diameter, 29-33 mm in height.

Yellow to yellowish brown to grayish brown, with five brown bands, interrupted by yellow flecks or streaks.

Head and foot: are 5 to 6 cm long when extended, yellowish-grey to greenish-black, with a pale line along the back from the base of the tentacles to the shell.

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