Pet Garden Snails
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Recommended Supplies

Below is a list of the minimal supplies need to keep your snails healthy and happy.

Ten gallon aquarium: No smaller than a ten gallon. An even better choice if you can lift it is a 29 gallon.
Screen lid: To keep your snails in and predators out.
Fluorescent light hood: Sized for the aquarium you have.
Repti Sun 5.0 bulb: 18 inch/15 watts for a ten gallon tank
Substrate: A slightly damp substrate
Water dish: Repti Rock water dish works great
Food dish: Large repti rock water or feeding dish
Spray/misting bottle: To mist the soil and them
Cuttlebone or other source of calcium: Washed cuttlebone, Jurassi Cal or Rep Cal Calcium is best.
Treats: Such as Tetra sun dried freshwater baby shrimp
Hiding Spot: Plastic pot or plastic log that kind of thing
Plastic container: Used when cleaning their house, feeding or emergencies.
Vinegar: To clean their house
Hand towel/Toothbrush: to scrub out their house


Not necessary but nice to have!

Hydrometer: To monitor humidity
Thermometer: To monitor temperature
Timer: For their light
Humidifier: That you can set by them in the same room to raise the humidity.
Mini humidifier: Make a mini humidifier to set in their house.
Background: like for fishes to decorate their house or you could create your own.
Blue night light: For optimal nighttime viewing!

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