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Susie Q's There's No Place Like Home

pond project

We are a small primitive village of people who come together every year at the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival in Winfield Kansas, on the east side of Pecan Grove.
We have been attending the  festival for many years but we started camping together as a family  in 1999 .

We aren't musicians , but we have aquired a few instruments , such as 2 mountain dulcimers, a couple of jaw harps, a nose flute(?), a guitar, a tin whistle and a tamborine...someday, we might be "fit to be heard" ..but as for now, we enjoy listening to everybody else play at other camps or on the "road" in pecan grove! 
I've lost the camp photo!!  I will go looking for it...  In the mean time, feel free to practice your dulcimer, while you wait.