18" Dolls feature  a soft posable body,
beautiful life-like vinyl  Posable head,arms and legs .  All 4 dolls have lustrous rooted  hair and real upper eye lashes. Each doll comes with a hair brush and choice of clothes.  Prices vary(per clothes style).
Also available, set of 5 different necklaces on satin cords,24Kgold plating on some;     Set for $9.50
MAKAYA(shown seated), has sholder length, black hair and brown eyes.  She is wearing a white slip and panties(both lace-trimmed.)with black formal shoes and white lace trimmed socks.
Price of this outfit with any doll: $53.00 plus shipping
ASHLEY with brown curly long hair, brown eyes, is wearing a red dress with white colar, lace trim and an over dress in a Christmas print., a 24K gold-plated heart necklace on a white satin cord., black formal shoes and white lace trimmed socks.
Price of this outfit with any doll:  $65.00 plus shipping 
ETHNIC-ASHLEY, has long black, curly hear and brown eyes.  She is wearing a blue(choice of color print). with a small apron, and a pair of white lace trimmed-pantaloons,  formal white shoes and lace trimmed socks.  This outfit also comes with a small basket.
Price of this outfit with any doll:  $62.00 plus shipping.
ASHLEY(doll in next picture) has long curly blond hair and blue eyes.  She is wearing a long flannelette lace trimmed night-gown and a pair of teddy-bear slippers and comes with a small stuffed teddy-bear.
Price of this outfit with any doll:  $59.00 plus shipping
HANDMADE BARBIE CLOTHES    washable fabrics
13 piece set of clothes and accessories, includes coat with matching hat, an A-line dress, a shortie night-gown, a matching skirt, vest and slacks, a white puffy sleved blouse and panties (both lace trimmed), a pair of shoes, and 3 clothes hangers. Price of set:$13.25 plus shipping
Set 1-A
2-B set of 12 pc. clothing, and accessories includes a hooded jacket, empire-waist dress, lace
trimmed blouse and panties, matching long skirt, vest and slacks, a shortie night-gown, 3 clothes hangers and a pair of shoes. Washable fabrics.  Price $15.00 plus shipping.
Set 1-B
2-A :  A flannellet long "Granny "night-gown with night hat, in either assorted or Christmas prints, a small plastic teddy-bear, shoes&hanger.   $7.50
2-B:  Long enening gown with ribbon trim, pearl necklace, shoes&hanger.   $7.25
2-C:  Fur trimmed jacket with jingle-bell trim, pair white pants, boots&hanger.  $7.50
2-D:  Red strapless gown with bow and rose trim, a white ribbon trimmed cape&shoes.  $7.50
3-A:  Pair of bibbed-overalls with matching "granny hat", lace trimmed    puffy sleved blouse, pair of boots&hanger.  $7.50                                3-B  Dress with bright-colored circle skirt with white top, nylon net can-can slip, shoes & clothes hanger.  $8.00
3-C:  White bride gown with ribbon trimmed lace overlay on front, a beaded crown with nylon net veil, boquet of flowers, pearl necklace, shoes & hanger.  $9.50
3-D:  Fancy silky dress with bead straps, lace trim and bow on front, shoes & hanger.  $7.35
4-A  Culotte dress, asst. colors, shoes & hanger. $6.00
4-B   White blouse, button trim, full circle felt skirt, 1 tiny   record , shoes & hanger.  $7.00
4-C  Snuggle-Baby doll.  15-inch stuffed, machine washable doll dressed in one piece flanellette pajims.  Doll   available in peach, bright pink , tan or dark brown "skin color" please specify color.  $23.00
4-D  Big-Bright Red 16" long Chuistmas Stocking, with a white cuff.  Will paint name and choice of 1.candy cane,    2. holly or 3.  Santa face design.  Washable poly-cotton.  $15,50
5-A  Small 3" Christmas Stocling with a bow and jungle bell trim. Great for small gifts, or gift tie ons, tree decoratons, doll socks etc.  Available in choice of  Red, Pink or Green felt with white felt cuff .  $1.95 each or 3 for $5.00.  Avon Dew-kiss, mint or bubble gum lip-balms fit in socks and are available for $l.10 each.

5-B  Assorted Bright stuffed hand made birds of Christmas.aproz. 3X3 1/2" with a 3"ribbon attached for hanging or tieing on gifts.  $3.95each or 3 for   $10.00

PAPER DOLLS TO COLOR AND CUT OUT  all original designs.  Dolls are on      heavy weight poster paper, clothes on typing paper.  (sorry for the bad pictures, my scanner is not giving a sharp  enough picture.
Paper Dolls-2 Paper Dolls-3
Paper Dolls-1
Paper Dolls-1:  Two little girls 6 1/2" tall with 5 pages of clothing t color and cut out.  Very cute.
Paper Dolls-2- Teddy Bear Doll   8 1/4" tall with 4 pages of clothes to color and cut out.Lots of detail , fun for all ages.         Set-$2.35
Paper Dolls-3-Snuggle Baby Doll 8" tall with 5 pages of clothes to color and cut out  This is drawn from the 15" Snuggle Doll. theSet.$2.50
Shipping Charges:: $1.00-$15.00 add $3.50  *    Please send check or money order to:
                         $15.01-$35.00  add $4.50  *   Sue Williams
                         $35.01-$55.00  add $5.50  *    315 W. Firebaugh Ave.
          Any amt. over $55.01 add $6.50        *     Exeter, Ca. 93221     
Phone//Fax: (559)592-1936 ======================================================================== You can E-mail me at::  for any questions or comments.Thank you Susie       
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