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Hi, I hope you all enjoy browsing through my little piece of cyberspace, and find something of interest.
Queensland Australia, is the place I call home..  surrounded by beautiful beaches, rainforests, Islands, The Great Barrier Reef, and the Outback..
And the semi-tropical climate allows us to enjoy all these wonderful regions, year round.  Queensland has a lot to offer, as do all the other States in Australia, I guess it depends on what we find most appealing.

If you are travelling around Australia, you might see some Kangaroos hopping down a road or highway.. or grazing in somebody's yard, as we often see here.  They think they own the place.. LOL.. Well, actually they do!  You will not see this in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth.. I don't think they go for the city lifestyle.  LOL..
The Great Barrier Reef is the absolute ultimate for diving enthusiasts.. and Frazer Island is another great place to visit for that unique experience of a lifetime. The Island  can be seen from the Mainland (here), so it is very close.   I moved here from Melbourne Victoria, and love the tropical climate. But Victoria also has some wonderful things to see and do. One such place is The Great Ocean Road, as it winds it's way thru Lorne, Apollo Bay, The Otways, and on to The Twelve Apostles.  You can almost see 'Forever' from here, and don't forget to put the top down, if you are fortunate enough to be driving a Mustang Convertible..   :-)
I love to travel, and thus far, have been to the US ( Texas and Hawaii )  Austria, Italy Slovenia, and several others.  I have seen much of Australia also.. and have lived in Queensland, NSW, and Victoria.

My other passions are MUSIC.. all types,  but my favorites are Country, Blues, and Oldies.  And Phtography.

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