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06.01.04: Eleven days 'till graduation. Not counted in school days, but in actual days. Anyway, chapter 10 is up. I didn't meet my quantitative goals for it (it's maybe 3000 words instead of the set 4700), but I more than exceeded the qualitative goals. Enjoy!

05.24.04: After posting a semi-provacative article over at, the guys--who are also in my D&D group--offered me some space on their servers next month. Look forward to the move and I'll post my last post here once I've got everything in order over there.

05.23.04: Just like the ticker says, I'm very lazy. But I did a lot of work on chapter ten. One and Two still haven't been messed with, but I really will fix them someday. Oh, and I fixed chapter eight, too. You may notice it if you've already read it, but if you don't, let's just say it discusses who is wearing what at a certain time.

05.06.04: I fixed up chapters 4, 5, and 7. Chapter 8 is only missing one thing, but I need to contact someone else for that part. Chapters 1 and 2 will be worked on (and hopefully fixed) over the weekend. 'Till next time.

05.03.04: Well, well! Guess who doesn't have the decency to post on his birthday. That's right, this guy's 18 now. It's really just another year, except I can legally smoke and be tried as an adult (two things I hope I never have to actually do). Anyways, I'm working on some stuff, but there's nothing that's worth posting yet. Don't worry, I'll have crap real soon, I hope.

04.26.04: Hahaha, wow, I'm such a procrastinator it's not even funny. Chapter 3 and Chapter 6 revisions are finished. Also, since there's nothing to revise in Chapter 9, I suppose those revisions are finished too. I just might work on more of them tonight, so stay tuned!

04.05.04: Aw man, I missed the 04.04.04 update. Ah well, so anyway, nothing really all that new has been happening. Just started work for research papers, which means I just started fixing the previous chapters. I'll let you guys know when they're re-uploaded, though it may or may not take a few days before they're all back up. The errors and things I can fix gradually decrease as I've gone, meaning the worst chapter is also the longest chapter (read: Chapter One). I'll update when they're all back up, but for now, all the other versions are still up. Enjoy!

03.23.04: Hmm, I have about two weeks to make the first nine chapters better. Remember that thing I did last year? My experiment to try and finalize the first few chapters? Yup, I'm doing it again. There's a lot of stuff that I need to add and minor changes to, uh, change. So don't expect chapter 10 to make much headway for a little while. Also, the site will be getting some more fix-ups as soon as I get around to it. Well, 'till next time.

03.12.04: Okay. I messed around with a few things and here we are. To me, it's a step forward rather than backward. We'll see how productive I am with other stuff I could use.

03.11.04: Hmm, Geocities is being a piece of crap. I had to take a very roundabout route to get to the 'edit page' page. But anyway, Chapter ten is in the works. I'll give the news tape a better update after I get home, now that I figured out a better way to get back into my site.

03.07.04: You heard it here first, chapter 9 is up! Go check it out while I do stuff here!

03.02.04: Happy March something! To celebrate, I got rid of the MIDI--I'll put it somewhere else--and added a ticker tape flash thing! So if you want a quick update and don't feel like scrolling or anything, just watch that. And remember, the last message is always the most important message. UPDATE: I think it's trying to kill my index page. Salvagable, at the cost of a few meaningless updates. Also, Happy 100th Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

02.21.04: It's been two weeks exactly. Chapter Eight is almost halfway done, but it's coming along nicely. Also, I thought up a better working title for the mainstay of the site. You can check it out in all its majesty on the fiction page. Though, while it may be a better title, it's still just a working name, so none of the chapters have been revised to fit the change. Okay, back to work before I have to start getting ready for County Chorus. So long! UPDATE: Chapter Eight was just finished after three solid hours of work. Also, the County Chorus concert kicked some major ass. I really like where my story is going, though I wasn't able to talk to my co-author about a few certain parts, so we'll see how it goes, right? Right. Oh, yeah, one more thing, I performed some routine maintenance on the Characters page, so go check that out after you read Chapter Eight.

02.07.04: Here I am again. After consuming something-two packets of Easy Mac, and then just eating another something-seven packets of Easy Mac cheese powder, I decided to get to work on chapter eight. So that's what I'm doing now. I'm also trying to acquire a better HTML editor because I don't trust my Notepad skills and I also don't trust the table maker that Geocities provides. It'll just be something I can go by so I can spruce up the site, you know, make it look cool. Okay, I'll be here for a while, working away.

01.24.04: Happy Belated Birthday, Balthyman! New comic up. Check it out. Adios!

01.22.04: Ah, thirteen-and-a-half hours does wonders on a man! Got a few touch-ups to report: fixed the flash animation that you use to link to me (it actually works now!) and fixed the destination of another link. See, Kye, over at the V-O-I-D got a domain name, so I changed the link from her Geocities site to her new site. Time to get to friggin' work.

01.21.04: Today is a tiring day. My eyes are burning and I'm not even at home yet. So as soon as I get home, I'm getting a friggin' nap. So I'll probably be working on Chapter Eight at some point in the future, but it'd definitely not today. I hit a bit of writer's block, but I still have some ideas for what to do for it, just to mention. Also, I'm not sure when I'm gonna make another batch of comics, so just keep your panties on unless you are hot, female, and willing. (Note: Just kidding. Probably.) Anyway, so yeah, no new content for at least a little while, but who knows when a burst of inspiration may or may not hit. 'Night-night, don't let the bedbugs bite.

01.19.04: HA! Had you fooled, didn't I? You thought I died, didn't you? Too bad! You and your fancypants good computers have to deal with ME some more! But seriously, I'm about to restart Chapter Eight, since the disk is still missing. Anyway, yeah, that's about... it. See you next crime!