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Susmita is a Consulting Software Engineer who is always willing to "walk an extra mile". Currently she is working in the R&D division of Research Engineers Limited, a well-known CAD/CAE product development company and located at its Global Development Center (also the Asian Headquarter) Kolkata, India.

Her background includes over 3 years Software Product Application, Development and Customization experience in CAE. Her areas of interest include Finite Element Analysis, Composite Structures, Smart Materials, Aerospace Structures.

She is proficient in Programming Languages C, C++ and softwares like ANSYS, NASTRAN, SOFY.

She is a Graduate Civil Engineer completed her Masters in Structural Engineering from National Institute of Technology (formerly known as Regional Engineering College), Rourkela.

Susmita is happily married to Amit and stays in India. She considers herself one of the happiest because she does what she enjoys most.

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