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The International Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Dyslexic Newborn Gerbils

Welcome, friends, to the home of the International Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Dyslexic Newborn Gerbils.  This organization, now in its fifth year of existence, is devoted to the plight of the helpless infant gerbils that come into this harsh world unable to learn, write, or even communicate with their families.  It is the goal of this organization to educate the masses about this terrible epidemic of rodent learning disorders, and to stop the mindless cruelty that these poor creatures are subject to every day.

In this site, you will find a wealth of information about Gerbil Dyslexia.  Also, there are membership oppurtunites for everyone as concerned as we are (join today, memberships are FREE and going FAST!!!!!). Also, look for gerbil Case Studies, Pix, and Contests, which are all coming soon. 

Thank you, friends, thank you.  Enjoy this site!!

Don't forget to click on MEMBERSHIP to join today.

     -Thom G. Robinson--President & Founder
     -S. Livingston Hoke--Vice President & Executive Webmaster


News & Updates:

5/12/02: On this date we updated dates of updates because the non-updated updates were out of date and needed updating.

3/6/02: Added "The Texan Bog Gerbil" Case Study

2/5/02: New Report about Gerbil Pit Fighting in Siberia

12/27/01: Check out the awards this site has received.

6/18/00:  Read about our Gerbillennium Celebration

2/9/00:  The Society's website has been chosen as one of About.com's Weekly Worst of the Web.  http://webworst.about.com/library/blww.htm


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