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The International Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Dyslexic Newborn Gerbils

     Our Gerbillennium Celebration!

     The society hosted a massive New Year's bash to celebrate the new millennium with our "Gerbillennium Party," inviting hundreds of thousands of millions of dyslexic gerbils. However, since they are dyslexic, some had a hard time reading the invitations and were not able to make it. We did have a spectacular turnout with nearly 3 gerbils in attendance. It was quite a fiesta. But the festivities turned sour when several of the complementary food pellets were found tobe laced with ecstasy. This was discovered when one of the gerbils thought that the other one had turned into a giant food pellet and tried to eat him. Organizers quickly separated the two until he came back to reality.

     Then the gerbils discovered the helium tank used to fill the balloons for the party. Benny climbed up onto ine of the tanks and started inhaling, but a pressure fluxuation in the tank caused a quick release of gas, making Benny fly across the room. He landed in the bowl of food pellets, and...well let's just say this sent the party into complete chaos. He started swimming and the punchbowl and break dancing. Festivities ended on a sad note when Benny fell on his head and got a concussion. To all his fans out there, you will be glad to know that he is well on his way to a full recovery.
It's a new Gerbillennium!

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