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I posted the new songs. A lot of American ones this time. & i noticed that i only have used half of the space for my briefcase account so I can load that one up with goodies, so if anyone has requests, lemme know, i may have it. If not you will have to listen to my picks. I am also starting to write reviews, even though I have never written one. I can't say that I like the manner in which most zines/e-zines do their reviews. I once read an issue of a zine called Oi!nk in which every record got rave reviews... records I knew were refuse. I don't have too many current releases so be patient.


featured MP3S!!!
briefcase page

I support these sites, all of which are worth a look...

Suspended Sentence Homepage
{my old band...ultra fast HC-punk}
Arne's punk mp3 download center
similar motif as this site
Mauski's HCxPunkxCrust Pages
when you need a Finnish fix
Amongst the Ruins
like a switchboard for bands,labels,zines,politico-pages
Hardcore Holocaust
Huge mailorder selection

problems d.l.ing the tunes? got a request?...email me