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I am a 
40 + year old crossdresser! I have alway's known that I was born
 a female. While I was growing up, I had a fascination for all 
the things I didn't have, Such as Panties, Bra's, Slips, 
Dresses, and Make-up. Plus all the things girl's did at my age. 
I had an older sister, So when I would get the urges to 
experiment with my female side, I would go into her room and 
sneak the things that I needed to play the role. I knew I was 
suppose to be a boy, But those thing's boy's did were not of 
interest to me at all. I would go into my room and dress up and 
be a girl for hours. And I continued to do this all the way till 
I was an adult.As a child I could not tell anyone about what I 
was doing it just didn't happen. When I was thirteen I had my 
first real gay experiance with an older man. I also had several 
close encounters as a pre-teen but was to scared to follow 
through. One halloween my sister dressed me up as a girl it was 
so thrilling but I had not told her (maybe I should have then) 
Things may have opened up for me. But like I said boy's were 
boy's not girls then. After I left home it was hard to get the 
things I need to be a woman, It was so hard to go through life 
as a male. I tried to hide what I was, doing a lot of drinking, 
drugs, then I was married to a great wife. She had no idea what 
my past life was all about I couldn't tell her.We have two great 
kid's both boy's. Sometimes I wonder if I passed that on to one 
or both of them. But what ever they are I will alway's love and 
support them. So one night we were drinking and I was drunk I 
put on her clothes and walked out to her, Well she liked to have 
had a heart attack on the spot!! It took a lot of explaining and 
lots of heart to heart talks. Lots of crying and holding.I have 
since then told her all my plans to become the woman that I know 
I'm suppose to be! I have since then started hormones and am in 
counciling. But the best part is my wife is very supportive and 
is helping me to become what I had left behind all those years 
ago. So I am looking forward to starting out with breasts just 
takes so long to develop!! And I go to counciling dressed too, 
that is the best part I have a female counciler and she see's 
that I am very serious about the path I have choosen. My wife 
goes with me time to time also. So there is nothing hidden to 
her. Just wish I could have started this twenty or thirty years 
ago. I know my life will change, And all the others around me 
will have to change to. That is the worst part of the whole 
ordeal, No one but my wife and counciler knows what I am 
thinking of doing to my life. The breasts will be noticable 
soon, So I have told my oldest son of my intentions, And he took 
it very well. As long as I don't dress in front of him he is ok 
with it, And I will respect his decission to keep it away from 
him till I have to go competely dressed as a female. Because 
that will be the case in a short time. I will up grade this as 
time goes on. Thank you for reading about me and hope you enjoy 
or can use some of this to complete your life as you see 
... ..........................................................................................................................

Pictures....My Pretty Red Dress.....

Pictures......Gonna Look A Little Sexy....

Pictures......Dressed to go Out....

Pictures......Mini and Shortie gowns....

Pictures.....My Sister Patty......



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