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We are experiencing longer and healthier lives.  At least that is true for some of the population. Life in America and our neighboring countries is good and growing.  We are becoming aware of how fragile our environment is and the world we live in.  The life's and lifestyles we lead are now contributing to many forms of chronic illness and danger in the products and chemicals used in daily life.  Several articles have been published in the medical journals about leading edge treatments for heart disease, cancer, allergies, asthma, and other forms of afflictions.  Since we are surrounded by this continual display of dangerous materials we will try to give some tips and help on prevention and some causes of the problems.  

The past century help create one of the most dynamic growth periods in the world and during this time, several billions of pounds of toxic and radioactive chemicals have been released into our earths environment.  Nothing on earth is immune to these chemicals and toxic poisons.  These soak into all cells of life.  For us to make the planet we live on a healthy place will entail laws and regulations, people taking charge of their environment and begin finding safe alternatives to the persona and industrial toxic poisons we now surround our selves with. 
But for now, we need to find ways to protect ourselves and our families from the intrusion, as best we can. There are ways that we can live fairly healthy lives while we clean up the earth for future generations.

We need to begin with our food.  Starting with the food we eat.  Beginning with the food chain is grains, beans, vegetables, and fruit.  When we get to the top of the food chain we are dealing with meat-eating animals such as birds of prey and large fish. Toxic chemicals accumulate and concentrate in the fat of animals and fish in hundreds, thousands, or even millions of times greater concentration than in  the food eaten by these animals.  Mercury level in fish is at an all-time high.

If we are able to eat beans, grain, fruit, and vegetables, the amount of toxic chemicals that would accumulate in our fat cells over a lifetime would be thousands or millions of times less than if we eat meat, milk and fish. Today, because of dioxin contamination in meat, this is imperative for healthy living. If you can, it is best to avoid all meat.  Beef, pork, fish and full-fat dairy products are severely contaminated with dioxin, and should be considered toxic! Chicken, other poultry, and eggs are less contaminated, but still have significant amounts.

It is proven that the foods at the bottom of the food chain have no significant dioxin contamination. It is quite possible to obtain all the protein you need - about 70 grams of complete protein per day - by eating vegetarian foods and meat substitutes made of grain and beans. The demand for these vegetarian foods has become so great that many of them are quite tasty; no more do you need to figure out what to do with plain tofu to make it palatable.

Second, to avoid the stresses on our bodies by chemical intrusion, we recommend you take high doses of vitamin supplements.  Check with your doctor before using this or any other high-dosage regimen to make sure it does not interfere with other medications you might be taking. In addition, you must drink at least 1/2 gallon, and preferably one gallon (four quarts or 16 full glasses) of fluids each day. This amount of fluid intake is now recommended by many doctors for healthy kidney function.

Here is an outline of vitamin intake that can help protect you against the toxic poisons; 2-10 grams  Vitamin C, spread out during the day, usually taken with food or soy drink to avoid stomach upset.  Most animals produce their own Vitamin C at these levels, but humans and primates must get them externally. If you are sick and ill, you can take more to help your body fight the illness.  3-6 grams Lysine. This, together with vitamin C, addresses long-term atherosclerosis which is nearly universal by the time we reach age 20.

1 gram calcium with magnesium, spread during the day.  The bodies nerve cells use up calcium, and if we don't eat it, it is taken from bones and teeth.

800-1600 IU Vitamin E  If you have high blood pressure, check with your physician.  25,000-50,000 IU Beta Carotene. 100-300 mg Ginkgo, for increased blood circulation in nerve cells in the brain. 500-1000 mg Pantothenic Acid and 10,000-20,000 mg Lecithin. Together, they enhance the production of acetylcholine, for enhanced brain function. Take as directed on the bottle.
Bilberry extract, to enhance eye health. Take as directed on the bottle.

Zinc: 15-20mg if you do not have night vision problems or prostate enlargement, 50mg if you have either problem.

Vitamin B-Complex supplement, to make up for the fact that we don't eat enough green leafy vegetables in our diet.

Aloe Juice - a few ounces of this somewhat odd-tasting liquid each day apparently helps heal internal inflammations you might have in your gastrointestinal tract. Given the number of people with severe dyspepsia, this may be a viable alternative to some of the powerful anti-acid medications people currently take, which can have unwanted side effects such as impotence! (There is also anecdotal evidence that aloe has a positive effect on arthritis, through unknown mechanisms.) Only use pure aloe juice that is prepared to be taken internally. It is sold by the quart or gallon in health food stores. Pregnant women should not ingest aloe.

Third, jog or fast-walk at least 1 mile each day.  If you are unused to daily exercise, start with a shorter walk at a slower pace, and build up to a mile.  Remember, any type of exercise is good.  Yoga, workouts, golfing, swimming or walking around a cruise deck on a vacation or holiday will always be great exercise.  Just remember even when you are on vacation, work out and keep moving.

Fourth, avoid contact with toxic materials. If you must handle them, do so with heavy rubber gloves, protective clothing, and an organic chemical mask. Do not use weed killers or pesticides inside your home or on your lawn or garden.

Finally, use relaxation techniques during the workday, such as meditation, at least once per day for five minutes. I suggest using the imagery of a non-toxic environment. In addition to helping your body to heal itself from toxic assaults, this technique will train your body and mind to avoid situations in which you might inadvertently expose yourself to toxic substances - it increases your awareness.

These are but a few of the starting ideas to a healthier lifestyle.  We must think healthy for us to become healthy.  Staying away from toxic poisons is a planned response to the war we fight daily against un-healthy surroundings as we know it. 

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