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Our Mission

Dedicated to developing and providing superior living space and state-of-the-art mixed-use developments

Company Profile

Sustainable Housing Development Incorporated (SHD) is an Affordable Housing and Mixed-Use Development firm based in California. SHD specializes in the acquisition and development of commercial and residential properties. SHD bring to the City of Los Angeles a wealth of experience in land acquisition, site analysis, construction, project management and organizing financing. SHD and its principals have developed five affordable housing projects, and are currently undertaking other affordable housing projects in California. SHD has just completed and leased up a large-family affordable housing development at 29th and Orchid Street in the City of Los Angeles as well as a 30-unit senior citizen apartment located at 1011 West 91st Street also in the City of Los Angeles.

SHD is a California-based private developer of affordable housing, established in 1991. It is committed to the development and preservation of affordable housing and other mixed-use projects, by organizing the resources and activities necessary to initiate and complete all the phases of a housing project. As a private developer of housing projects, SHD’s development process involves pre-construction planning, feasibility studies, preliminary architectural layouts, through financing, construction, and property management. 

SHD also joint ventures with various entities, such as, non-profit, private and public sector partnerships. Often, SHD develops projects as an equity-investor and envisions such projects as long-term investments. To ensure a project’s feasibility and sustain ability, we have incorporated in our activities a comprehensive development on all aspects of affordable rental housing, first-time homebuyers programs, and economic development. Given the many years of experience and relations with public housing agencies and the lending institutions, SHD has developed the capacity to undertake any complex project through the regulatory gridlock and red-tape.


The basic philosophy of SHD is the development of affordable and environmentally sound projects, with appropriate building standards, designs and architectural plans. In creating such a built environment and empowering its people, SHD envisions neighborhoods and communities that are conducive for generational betterment and economic productivity, by enhancing the quality of life, and revitalizing their productive capacities.

It is SHD’s overall goal to meet the existing and the anticipated housing needs of all socio-economic groups, by providing safe, attractive, but affordable housing, while maintaining an economically sound and healthy environment.

Our project concepts are comprehensive in scope and address the primary needs of the people, taking housing as our prime objective. It is an approach which is community-oriented, and which anticipates major improvement in all social and economic areas. We believe housing is and can make a big impact in stimulating economic growth, and improving people’s quality of life.

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