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Dear friends isn't it fantastic that we can meet people all over the world through internet. I am Suresh from India. Please don't forget to sign in the guest book.

About Me

My name is Suresh working as - Network  Engineer in
Accenture  IBC knowledge Park. Basically I am an Electrical & Electronics Engineer from    Dr.Navalar Nedunchezhiyan  College of Engineering. I like my College and College life very very much.  



About the site ?

In the top of this page you will find some links.
Following is the brief description of those links

  1. My Friends
    This page is for all my friends.
  2. My teachers
    This page is dedicated for my teachers .
  3. Chennai - My home city
    Information about my home town Chennai (previously Madras).
  4. Books
    I like reading books. This is about my favourite books and writers.
    1. Ramani Chandran
      List of Ramani Chandran's books.
    2. Amarar Kalki
      List of Amarar Kalki's books.
    3. Amarar Lakshmi
      List of Amarar Lakshmi's books.
    4. Indhumathy & Vaasanthi
      List of Indhumathy and Vaasanthi's books.
    5. Others
      List of my other favourite authors and their books.
  5. Tamil Page
    Here you can see Mrs. Ramani Chandran, Amarar Kalki and Amarar Lakshmi books list in Tamil. To see this page you should install Amudham font. If you don't have it please download and install it from here
  6. Guest Book
    Please do sign in the guest book.
  7. My Views
    My views on the books that I have read.Please do sign in the guest book.
  8. My favourite links
    List of my favourite links.

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