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My Battle of the Bulge

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    This page is to document through the years my weight gain and recent loss.  I have struggled as a large person for over 15 years and have finally decided to take action to go back to a weight that I am happy with and can feel good about.  This site will change as I do and I hope you will see some inspiration as well as some encouragement for any of those that have or are struggling with their weight. 

    My name is Laura Sutcliffe.  I am 38 years old, divorced and have three children.  I work full time as an Ambulance Dispatcher for the Lee County EMS Ambulance Service and part time as the Director of the North Lee County Chapter of the American Red Cross.  I will share many pictures of myself from High School on so you can see the progress from thin to fat and the slow progression of going back to a healthier me! 

    Please have a look around the site and you will learn more about me and how I am achieving my goal.  I will also have links to other sites, such as my friend Kim that has lost a whole person in body weight.  I also have another hobby and that is breeding pedigreed cats.  Check out Archibald Siberians to see my beautiful Siberian cats.

Laurasmile2yr.jpg (103749 bytes)        Laurapout2yr.jpg (104246 bytes)        Laura2.jpg (103937 bytes)    You see, I was a cute little 2 year old!

New pictures on the Current Times Page added November 2000!!

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