The greatest movie of alltime...

Taimak as "Bruce" Leroy Green


Berry Gordy's

The Last Dragon

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Why is The Last Dragon the greatest movie of all-time? For me there are so many reasons it is hard to put into words. One simple reason, to me, involves the way it is packaged or taken at face value. It is packaged as a cheesy motown/kung fu movie; which, hides how deep the movie actually is. It demonstrates why we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, or in other words why we should not stereotype. When you look past the 1985 cheezyness of the movie and give it a chance you see an entertaining mix of sprirituality, family values, friendship, self-respect, discipline, romantic love, vibrant music and off course some good ol'ass kickin'! U need to give this movie a chance; see beyond it's cheezy packaging and see it's true character, just like we need to give people a chance to show their true character, not judge peolpe through their racial, cultural, religious or physical differences. If your gonna dislike somebody dislike them for there character not the physical characteristics that make them different from U. (sorry I went alittle of topic there)


THE LAST DRAGON is a fairy tale like story of Good vs. Evil. I call it a kung-fu/motown/fairy tale. It is the story of Leroy Green (Taimak) a young quietly heroic character who aspires to reach the final level in his kung-fu teachings. Along the way he learns about love, fear, confusion and vengence all parts of off life he must embrace before he realizes that the key to the final level and the magical glow comes from within.


Taimak - Leroy
Vanity - Laura
Christopher Murney - Eddie Arkadian
Julius J. Carry III - Sho' Nuff!
Faith Prince - Angela
Leo O'Brien - Richie
Mike Starr - Rock
Jim Mood - Daddy Green
Glen Eaton - Johnny Yu
Ernie Reyes Jr. - Tai
Roger Campbell - Announcer
Esther Marrow - Mama Green
Keshia Knight-Pulliam - Leroy's Little sis with multiple names


If U came to this page you may be wondering, like I have been for many years what, ever happened to that Taimak guy, well thanks to some internet searching and a few helpful visiters to my website I have tracked down the star of the greatest of movie of all-time. He is currently out in Los Angeles teaching Martial Arts and working on getting back on to the big screen, so watch out for him!!!.

See my What ever happened to Taimak feature page that includes video on Taimak's work after The Last Dragon, a more indepth bio, and links to Taimak's Facebook, Twitter and much more....

Above is a picture of Taimak!
With him is his former Chinese Goju teacher Ron Van-Clief. Taimak is on the right, Van-Clief is in the middle.
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a more recent picture of Taimak


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