The information and pictures on these pages come from the
1948 Lloyd Thomas World Cruise Book
sent in by John R. Froehle, a plank board owner who made this cruise.
I would have liked to place the whole book on this site but, due to limited space,
I will have to settle for a few pictures.

John Froehle

-- Thank You John --


Taken from the opening pages of the World Cruise Book



    On March 21, 1947, the Lloyd Thomas was commissioned at the Bethlehem Steel Company, San Francisco, California, and placed under the command of Commander James I. Cone, U.S. Navy. Upon completion of fitting out, and shakedown training at San Diego, California, she joined the U.S. Fleet on June 26, 1947, as part of Destroyer Division ONE THIRTY-ONE and Destroyer Squadron THIRTEEN.

    From June 30 to July 20, 1947, the Lloyd Thomas acted as plane guard for the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Tarawa (CV-40), and during August of that year she was Gunnery Training Ship for the Pacific Fleet West Coast based ships.

    From September 16 through September 26, the Lloyd Thomas participated in the inter-type Exercises off the California Coast. She then joined Task Force ONE THIRTY-ONE and the air craft carrier Valley Forge (CV-45), under Commander Carrier Division FIVE

    Leaving San Diego on October 9, the Task Force proceeded to Pearl Harbor, Hawaiian Islands, where the ships conducted extensive training exercises.

    On January 16, 1948, the Lloyd Thomas with the destroyers WILLIAM C. LAWE, WILLIAM M. WOOD, and KEPPLER, and the air craft carrier VALLEY FORGE began a training and a good-well cruise of Pacific waters. First stop was Sydney, Australia, where the ships remained for five days. From there they proceeded to Hong Kong, and then on to Tsingtao, China. It was at Tsingtao that orders were received for the Lloyd Thomas, the William C. Lawe and the Valley Forge to proceed to San Diego by way of the Suez and Panama Canals. From Tsingtao the Task Force proceeded to Singapore, then on to Trincomalee, Ceylon. Leaving Trincomalee, she steamed up through the Persian Gulf to Res Tanura in Saudi Arabia.

    After passing through the Suez Canal and refueling at Port Said, Egypt, the Task Force crossed the Mediterranean Sea to the famed "ROCK of GIBRALTAR." After an eleven-day stop at Gibraltar she continued the cruise to Bergen, Norway, in company with units of the Eastern Atlantic Fleet. After a most pleasant stay at Bergen she again proceeded onward to Southampton, England. It was here that out Task Force received orders to proceed to New York and then to San Diego by way of Panama Canal. Upon arrival in San Diego the ship had completed her world's cruise and had steamed 45,168 nautical miles or 51,327 statute miles.

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