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the rain's just started. i love brisbane when it's raining. hot, humid. and that smell.
things have been pretty full on over the past two weeks. i have a job (sort of), a house (we're signing the lease tomorrow) and a boy. i have the kelly from secret life of us trifekta complete and i've never been happier.
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INTRODUCING: supersar caps!
supersar says: i swear jen. i saw it... and there was a golden moonshine around it - like on Mr Bean. and that "oooooooohhhhh" angelic sound. and the world paused for a second as i zoomed in on the $10 note, laying crumpled on the floor
superjen says: lol ur so funny
supersar says: i plan to buy lollies with it
superjen says: buy some grape hubba bubba and some belgium choccies

supersar says: going to see lard of the rings
supersar says: hahaha LORD
supersar says: whoops
supersar says: lard! that will be my arse after the choccies
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recently, on MSN:
specialK says: fuck the internet is boring.
supersar says: but i broke it and u banned me from doing it jen!
superjen says: u didn’t do it how i said that’s why.
supersar says: i told vic that i broke it.
specialK says: haha jen sarah told me YOU broke it... then she confessed about 5 mins later!
supersar says: i said that jen broke it first.
superjen says: lolllll ohhhhh you...
supersar says: JEN DID BREAK IT
superjen says: i did nottttt! i was trying to tell her how to do it! but she refused and did it her OWNNNN way!
specialK says: hahahaha
superjen says: and broke it!!!!!!!
supersar says: ohh bllaammee meeee why dont ya!
specialK says: hahahahahahhaha
superjen says: it was alllllllll your fault.
supersar says: hmffppp so not true.
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i wish we could get blogger sorted. it would make things so much easier. i just can't figure it out though. and how did i become the only one that writes here anymore? that's just... wrong! vic is busy being a supersnob in BRISSY :P, kate has become a LiveJournal groupie and doesn't love us anymore, and sar just can't be bothered. teamwork, ladies, that's what it's about.
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i want this year to be the year of doing things. i'm trying, i really am. sometimes i feel like i'm 2 years behind everyone and i need an extra push on the swing to get me flying, ya know?
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i might be starting kick-boxing lessons. HAAAEYAH! how fun. can you imagine me being all tough and skilled? i'm gonna kick all your asses, so watch out, biatches.
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thursday/170102/00:53 is the best page EVER! fun for hours. i shall now go and watch 'the bold and the beautiful.' i love having 3 months off.
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i went to see dave mcormack with glenny and rod last night. dave was cute. i never used to like custard, but i like dave now. he did covers of weezer and that whitetown song, 'i could never be your woman'. glenny kept taking bad photos of me. but he bought me stuff so that's okay. oh and there was broken glass where we were standing... wonder how that happened :P
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oh oh ohhhhh oh oh ohhh! oh oh ohhhhh, the right stuff!
YES, that's what you think it is. i got a copy of hangin' tough by NKOTB from rod. i'm gonna play it forever. ahh, i wish i was 10 again! :D
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i was meant to post these before the new year, but, you know me...
New Year's Resolutions:
5) Go to the gym at least twice a week and stick by it/get down to body weight that makes me happy.
4) Do something different at least once a week.
2) Don't keep leaving things to the last minute.
1) Work on that 'being open' thing.
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hey there chickies! melbourne was a blast. i love it, i want to move there. can anybody say SHOPPING!?! i bought a heap of things. NYE was great! the hotel was fab (mm buffet). melbourne boys are gorgeous! chapel st, i miss you. i hope everyone had a great New Year as well. i wish i could of stayed in melbourne longer - there was so many things we didn't get to do. definitely going back.
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noise:something for kate: pinstripe (acoustic)
i was bored and was looking at our page stats and found this:
Top terms visitors used to find your page in a search
orgasm in front of 53.76%
drunken sex fotos 46.19%
fake+fotos 0.04%
angelina jolie spank 0.02%
fat man on a bike 0.00%
hmmm *chinstrokes*
posted by superkate | tuesday/010102/22:58

Merry Christmas everyone!!! i had a great Christmas, a great day, and hope you all found something to smile about. Christmas at my house usually goes something like this: midnight mass on Christmas eve which goes on forever because you get to catch up with everyone you've ever met; opening gifts at 4am; family lunch/dinner thing... i say lunch AND dinner because the eating goes on for hours and hours... seriously! this year we had a BBQ at my place but we had sooooo much food because we had the traditional meal as well... it felt like 10 courses or something. then we usually sit around and talk about Christmas stuff and argue over the Bible :) fun for all the family! things that are inevitable at my family Christmas: mum and her sister make subtle criticisms about each other's food (sibling rivalry at middle-age is just hilarious), Deena and I get the third degree about our NYE plans, overseas calls to relatives, an argument stems (this year it was whether Penelope or Nicole is prettier, it got really heated!), and photos with the same poses as last year get taken. i'm going shopping tomorrow to return three presents... and scope out the sales too! what did Santa bring YOU?
posted by superjen | wednesday/261201/10:39

I'm SHAKING! I just got my results:

News and feature writing - Distinction
Online Journalism - High Distinction
Radio News and Current Affairs - Pass
War and Peace: International Politics - Credit

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! hehehe....I am SO FUCKING HAPPY!!!! You have NO idea!!! I want to run outside and dance naked in the street!!!! But I won't...don't worry...don't wanna ruin the Christmas spirit or anything. I just sent sar a msg to tell her about my results, but I don't think it made any sense at all cause it was about 30 seconds after I read them and I was feeling like I was about to faint. Oh my God. Honestly... I feel like... wow... I was expecting to fail two subjects. Like always though, the subjects I do no work in I receive the highest marks for, and the subjects I continually stress about and do extra work for I receive a lower mark than I expected. My radio tutor was a bitch and I was going to complain but I don't think I care now - I AM WAY TOO HAPPY! Ok, this post is way too long.....WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I love you, world!
posted by superjen | monday/241201/00:46

i woke up this morning feeling the total opposite of how i felt when i went to sleep. this is a good thing. a very good thing.
now back to packing......i'm going to melbourne on sunday for a family christmas. take care everyone, be safe, drink lots, love you all more than you could know.
posted by supervic | friday/211201/15:29

i hate being sad. usually i'm ok until something big happens and then it starts all over again. it's like someone opens the flood gates on all my self-loathing and doubt and i start to drown. i just want to pretend for 5 minutes that everything's ok. i want my hands to stop shaking. i want to stop crying. i just want to stop.
posted by supervic | friday/211201/3:01

noise: pj harvey - to bring you my love
i don't think i've ever been hurt really badly before. not by a boy or a friend. until monday that is. until one of the people i care about most in the world told me, or should that be, failed to tell me some news. it's all here, i don't want to write it again. i just want to cry.
posted by supervic | wednesday/191201/9:59

i'm so fucking bored. now that i'm on a three month break from uni, i have absolutely nothing to do and i find myself wishing i had an interesting lecture to go to. shocking, i know. this always happens though - all through semester i whinge about stress and pray for a break, and when it finally arrives i feel purposeless after i've had my long-awaited sleep in and dose of daytime TV. i am in a sighing mood. blah. definitely going shopping tomorrow. maybe i can start on my last minute christmas shopping.
posted by superjen | monday/171201/10:47

noise: beth orton - central reservation
operation normal boi starts today. it involves me finding myself a boi who is
a) not in a band and
b) not a whore
i always fall for bois i can't have and get wrapped up in moments that i wish could last forever. i forget that that is all they are. moments. it's time to look at the big picture and start thinking realistically. all i really want is a nice boy who i like to like me back. applications accepted via email.
posted by supervic | monday/171201/17:32

i am in brisbane with dan and it is my birthday. i won't get much of a chance to update this journal, so check out my livejournal for more regular updates.
posted by superkate | saturday/151201/22:59

noise: george - george
i love the process of falling in love with a band. even if you love them already, i adore the feeling of realising that they really are as good as you remember them being. that feeling of being lost in someone's voice, of an amazing bass line, the way you can become so wrapped up in the music that it feels like you're alone in a crowded room, it's what i live for.

i am smitten.
posted by supervic | saturday/151201/14:07

noise: the white stripes - white blood cells
ps. i forgot to tell you all! i cut my hair! it's fairly short (by me standards). now all i have to do is dye it to remove any evidence of premature ageing *humpf*
posted by supervic | friday/141201/11:14

noise: the white stripes - white blood cells
i need to work out what to wear tonight. i'm doing merch for george down at victor (and tomorrow night at the gov and then for alex lloyd at heaven on sunday). i need to impress a certain dreadlocked bass player with my wit and cleavage because alas, that is all i have.
posted by supervic | friday/141201/11:13

just watched the "waiting for the sun" clip. bernie looks like he's had his hair blow dried. it is WAY too straight and smooth. he looks like jennifer aniston. nice touch on the layers around the face too, bern.
posted by superjen | saturday/081201/01:03

five minutes after i'm feeling happier than i've felt in weeks, sar tells me she isnt coming to sydney. why doesn't anything ever work out? i mean, i'm allowed one break, right? i want to cry.
posted by superjen | thursday/291101/16:15

adverse effects of staying awake for over 30 hours in a row: i cant stop talking, it's really strange, i'm jumping from subject to subject without even waiting for the first subject to end. i feel sick- probably from all the coffee - i have no appetite, and i have the most nonsensical urge to dance. i. finished. my. essay. and now i go to shop :) look out parra westfields, here comes my credit card!!!
posted by superjen | thursday/291101/15:49

happy happy happy. I got a high distinction for my feature article on asylum seekers and was published in a cumberland newspaper! i am SO proud. i always wanted to write about things that were important to me, it's one of the main reasons i got into journalism. woOooOo.... i'm going to celebrate by... by... um, chatting?
posted by superjen | thursday/291101/00:18

noise: next door's dog barking & a lawn mower somewhere down the street (welcome to suburbia)
i leave for brisbane in 7 hours and 40 minutes! i probably wont update this journal until i get home but be sure to check my live journal for semi-regular check ins.
to those of you i wont be seeing in the next fortnight, baiiii! dont miss me too much *cough* and to those i will be seeing? bahahaha. be afraid, be very afraid (that was just for dan's benefit - apparently he's scared of me tehehe)
posted by supervic | wednesday/281101/12:44

today has been a really really good day. i bought shoes! oh how i love shoes! and! and! my new mobile phone *finally* arrived! oh the joy of new, shiny things!
i am materialistic and proud!
posted by supervic | monday/261101/20:30

vic there is no need to appologise. i know how scary it must be knowing you have finished uni and have to join the big scary adult world now. combined with uprooting and moving to another city *hugs* i'll always love ya, vic. a bad mood won't change that. :)
posted by superkate | wednesday/261101/14:09

ok, i've decided to go to sleep. politics can go f*ck itself! i just thought i'd share that with you all.

you shouldn't leave me alone at 3am with access to weblogs.
posted by superjen | monday/261101/03:16

i almost forgot...

Go Aussie Go!!!

posted by superjen | monday/261101/03:09

the complete silence of early day is a little eerie. reminds you that you should be sleeping. cause that's what people do at 3am.

i really thought i could finish this sucker by 5am. doesn't look like it's gonna happen. human rights are more complicated than i thought. the sucker, of course, is this essay that i've been crying over for 2 weeks now. grr. now i'm not sure whether to keep working on it or get some sleep so i don't fall asleep at work tomorrow. i'll also need sleep because i have to cram for my exam on tuesday, which i haven't had time to study for yet. it gets more confusing cause dad is gonna wake me up at 6am for the soccer.
posted by superjen | monday/261101/03:04

i have to learn not to take my bad moods/depression out on people who have done nothing to deserve my wrath. i'm not really sure what's wrong with me at the moment. post-uni depression? boredom? fear? lack of faith in myself and my abilities in finding a job/man/happiness? whatever the case, to those who bear the brunt of my self depreciation (kate/dan/nick), i am eternally sorry .
posted by supervic | sunday/251101/19:49

last night, i couldn't sleep. i think this was greatly due to my staying up until 4am reading crime profiles on serial killers such as ted bundy. scared the shit out of me but i couldn't stop reading. i went through so many- really spooked me. it all started innocently though. i was watching a "vintage oprah" episode of her interview with betty broderick (who killed her ex and his new wife), and it was so emotional i had to come online and look up more info... but i went through the chain of links and ended up reading horrible things. i must have re-checked the doors and windows like 5 times over, which is strange cause i don't usually get spooked like that. i'm so NEVER talking to strangers. they should read those crime profiles to kindergarten kiddies, that'll keep 'em out of trouble...
posted by superjen | saturday/241101/17:55

noise: yo la tengo - and then nothing just turned itself inside-out
i deleted msn from the computer for three weeks and now i'm back it feels like no one even noticed i was gone.

it's becoming a bit of a tradition that every time the man-whore pisses me off i make up some new "i'm so over him" operation. this time i just got really depressed and decided to invent a new me. i went shopping with anna today and didnt manage any sort of re-invention. all that was achieved was a whole lot of whinging about her boy problems and the acquisition of some new cds. at least i've come to the conclusion that when this mighty re-invention does occur i'll retain my taste in music because that, unlike every other part of me, couldn't be cooler.
posted by supervic | friday/211101/23:28

doing: NOTHING!!!!!!!

Take the Affliction Test Today!

i'm rabies. rad! or maybe i'm just an idiot who doesn't know when to stop bludging and do some graduation-depending work.
posted by superjen | friday/231101/01:23

noise: starsailor - love is here
i've given up. i give up. on all men. all of them. i'm so fucking sick and tired of being miserable. it's just not fucking fair. when is it my turn?
posted by supervic | wednesday/211101/20:23

feeling: anxious
there's nothing worse than sitting around at home waiting for the phone to ring.
so i'm sitting around at uni waiting for it to ring instead.
and if it doesnt? well, fuck him.
i'm so pathetic. *sigh*
posted by supervic | wednesday/211101/13:14

reading: "war and peace: an introduction to international politics", lecture notes from weeks 1-12. How. Exciting.
feeling a little weird at the moment. today was the last day of classes for the year, but also the last day of classes for most of the people i've been doing the journalism course with for the past 3 years. they're graduating and i'm staying behind for an extra semester and i wasn't really bothered by it until today. it sucks. feels like i'm being left behind. WHAT DID I DO TO MYSELF?! i don't want to stay! i want to move on with everyone else! man, next semester is gonna suck. Assignments left 'til i feel sane again: 2 essays, 1 research report, 1 news diary, 1 exam. getting there...
posted by superjen | thursday/151101/23:55

noise: pj harvey - to bring you my love
it's stace's birthday on sunday so i just went up the road to post a card. i have a tendency to write "from your secret admirer" on the back of cards or letters i send to people, so of course, this one was no different. anyway, the lady in the post office ran out of 45c stamps on the roll she was using so said she'd post it for me. when i handed it to her i realised the back of the envelope was facing upwards, she saw the "from your secret admirer <3 <3 <3" then further down the card "sealed with a kiss" and gave me a funny when she turns the card over she's going to see that i was sending it to a girl....also, i really hope mark doesn't get to the mail first on friday.
posted by supervic | wednesday/141101/15:58

i was driving home from uni today and i drove past a panel van. it conjured up memories and consequently all sorts of images of the man-whore and, quite frankly, made me want to vomit.

ladies and gentleman, i think she's finally over it.

(although i will be seeing him in 13 days - that will be the ultimate test - stay tuned)
posted by supervic | thursday/081101/20:44

noise: elbow - asleep in the back
do you ever get the feeling that everyone is pissed off with you? sometimes you know why, other times you just speculate. you find out that one or two people aren't happy and you start to assume everyone else feels the same. usually it's just an over reaction but nonetheless it really hurts and for a few minutes, hours, days you feel like your whole world is against you.
posted by supervic | friday/021101/14:58

noise: starsailor - love is here
sometimes i hate being right... *starts to cry* :(
posted by superkate | wednesday/311001/11:45

noise: the tea party - the interzone mantras
if you tell us you're moving to brisbane you know i'm going to cry. first nick, now you...
posted by superkate | wednesday/311001/02:36

oh gee! what a surprise! it's me posting again!
i am in the worst mood tonight. i'm not sure if it's stress or homones or a combination of both but i seem to be taking it out on everyone else. to make matters worse i have some bad news to break to some people. they aren't going to like it one bit but such is life. i always worry too much about what others think, maybe it's about time it started being about me?
posted by supervic | tuesday/301001/23:29

noise: weezer - pinkerton
by the way, this page should load heaps quicker now - i've archived the older stuff - not that anyone ever reads it (and hardly anyone but me writes on here. *cough* jen?? if you've forgotten the password all you need do is ask *cough*)
also i've found out al's touring dates, anyone in adelaide come and see me selling merch @ heaven on the 16th of december and keep your eyes peeled for any suspicious man-whores hanging around.

posted by supervic | friday/261001/21:10

noise: weezer - pinkerton
i'm nervous about tomorrow night. i'm not sure if it's because i might have a lot of good impressions to make or because i might not get the chance to make them.
posted by supervic | friday/261001/21:02

noise: the tea party - the edges of twilight
ok, 2 exams, a lab report and presentation down, a disaster analysis, assignment and a 50% math project to go...
i found out today that my friend foota has deflowered 5 girls!!! he is from here on in to be referred to as the devirginator.
posted by superkate | wednesday/241001/14:51

noise: the cruel sea - three legged dog
i'm in the midst of developing a mega Rock Star Crush™. i really hope it's just my way of getting over the man whore. i'm not going to tell any of you who it is because, believe me, it's not pretty and i don't feel like putting up with a barrage of "eeeeeeeewwwwww! vic! he's gross" type abuse. so for now just be happy that my thoughts are elsewhere.
posted by supervic | tuesday/231001/18:21

supervic | monday/221001/17:31

noise: sodastream - the hill for company
oh lord, i just weighed myself again and i think i've put on 10kgs since yesterday. *cries* i'm never eating ever again.
posted by supervic | saturday/201001/15:24

noise: big heavy stuff - size of the ocean
i just weighed myself. oh my. i've been eating so much recently and now i'm paying for it. operation cleanse thyself starts (again) today. *cries* i feel so fat.
posted by supervic | friday/191001/11:17

wishing: my nose didn't hurt & it would stop raining
i love it when powderfinger are on tour but not for the reasons you're probably all thinking. it means stace gets bored and we get up to no good. this time i think we crossed the line but fuck, it was funny. she wants me to stay at her place for a few days while i'm in brissy which probably means a few nights of binge drinking and distasteful humour. i think i'm up for it.
oh and i just found out that the slutty man whore is going to be in brisbane & sydney at the same time as me in december. he has demanded i see him. uh-oh
i just discovered my left shoulder makes this really icky crunching noise when i move my arm in a certain way.
procrastination through inane conversation is my most obvious flaw.
posted by supervic | wednesday/171001/11:34

noise: radiohead - the bends
it only costs $137 one way from adelaide to brisbane and then the same from sydney to adelaide. i'm going to book my flight next week. ogtfotmwaslyl has well and truly begun.
posted by supervic | tuesday/161001/17:14

noise: lazy susan - long lost
listening to this cd is making me happy. the last night i was in sydney we went to see lazy susan and catching up with paul was one of the highlights of my trip. he is seriously one of the nicest people i have ever met and i'm looking forward to seeing more of him next year (and i'm not just saying that because a rather tipsy derrin decided to tell him all about this site so there's a chance he might read this :) )
posted by supervic | sunday/141001/22:02