super special

our tribute to the honourary supergrrls out there

this MONTH's honourary supergrrl

spider girl

she's smart, she's sassy, she's sexy. SHE IS SPIDER GIRL! not only does she shine in her own Marvel comic, but she seriously kicks butt - literally. the daughter of the original Spiderman spends time with her mum, helps her uncle and counsels her best friends. since we share the same qualities, we decided she deserves to be this months honourary supergrrl!


peggy frew

photo belinda so

melbourne band art of fighting's bassist, peggy frew, is this week's honourary supergrrl. she's incredibly talented, dresses really really well and is absolutely gorgeous! she can't really sing (see the track "i don't keep a record" from their aria award winning album "wires") but who cares when you're this spunky! at least she gave it a shot. we love you peggy!


pj harvey

PJ Harvey

pj harvey is, undoubtedly, one of the most talented and stunning women EVER. we think that makes her worthy enough to be an honourary supergrrl. dont you?


dan, dan he's our man..

not only is superdan our biggest fan but he's also a bloody legend. if you ever need anyone to talk to, dan's your man. a good listener, supercool, hilariously funny and supersmart - he's a rare breed. if you ever see him give him a hug from us.

carolyn polley

as guitarist for sydney band big heavy stuff, not only is polley supercool, funky and nice but she seriously rocks! she's so cool powderfinger even wrote a song about her. catch big heavy stuff touring around the country soon to see this truly super chick in action.

emma tom

emma tom has a habit of bonding with supergrrls in toilets. she's an award winning, kick-arse journalist (see the weekend australian) and a novelist. she's in a band and is married to the super cool mr david mccormack. you don't get much superer than that!

angelina jolie

this is a girl who isn't afraid to kick a bit of butt! angelina jolie is outspoken, smart, hugely talented and doesn't care what people say about her, but most or all she is very, very *reow* girls want to be her and boys - and some girls - want to be with her. we love you angelina! ...well kate does anyhow.

jeb (world wide jeb)

ok, so he's not a girl but we think he's pretty super anyway. check out world wide jeb for the proof.

sara-marie (big brother)

she's blonde, she's busty, and she's survived 4 evictions! big brother's bunny-eared queen is forever amusing the supergrrls with her unique personality and her obsessive boob-flashing behaviour. she might be overwhelming, but she's definitely a special girl!

stephanie ashworth

something for kate's stephanie ashworth is this weeks honourary supergrrl for no other reason than she is the most absolutely stunning chick is oz rock, add her fabulous bass playing, all round class and loveliness and she's more than deserving of this title. check out the band's new album, echolalia, in stores june 25 (and no, none of us work for sony - though vic wouldn't mind if you're offering.)

myf warhurst

myf is the host of triple j's net 50. she is the purveyor of all things daggy from mullets to denim to leg warmers. and she has the cutest laugh in all radio land. she's truly super.

katie noonan

not only does she have one of the most gorgeous voices in the world but george's katie noonan did something extra super this week. during the band's second to last show of their most recent tour in brisbane, poor katie was feeling a bit crook. mid-song she felt the need for a bit of up chuck action so ran off stage, threw up, then came back and finished the song. how super is that?

got a suggestion for an honourary supergrrl?