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my name is kate and i'm a 22 year old final (5th) year chemical engineering and maths student. the engineering alcoholic in me generally outweighs the nerdy mathematician. i'm currently residing in newcastle, nsw, but once i finish uni that is most likely to change. i'm not sure where i will be and what i will be doing, as long as it's exciting, earns me lots of money and allows me time to indulge in seeing lots of live bands and drinking with friends.

ask anyone one thing that defines me and they will say that i love music (well, either that or i am loud, or i have a big mouth that can perform amazing tricks with schooner glasses or i am obsessed with jeff buckley - but more on that soon).  im not a musician myself, but i vow to learn the guitar at some stage in the not too distant future. as previously mentioned, i am obsessed with
jeff buckley - the man who almost ruined the entire male race for me by just opening his mouth and singing. at least once a month i am known to lie on my bed in the dark, blaring jeff as loud as possible. if only i could express my own emotions with the same eloquence as that man was able to.

other than music it is my friends who propel me through my otherwise fairly mundane existence. it is often frustrating that many of them are spread all over the country, but i feel lucky to have just had the chance to meet them. and it also means i have a place to stay in pretty much any state in australia i may wish to visit. hehe.

annoying things make me laugh. probably because, more often than not, it is i who is being irritating. i find the word 'poo' to be a particularly effective and diverse noun. i also consider the ability to make up words and use them in everyday speech to be a talent and an art.

good stuff: music, friends, cuddles, kisses, v, tooheys extra dry, scotch, sleeping, buying cds, a clockwork orange, kevin smith movies, american psycho (the book, not the movie), conspiracy theories, smiling, the ocean, rainforests, givenchy amirage perfume, brooding rockstars, sticky outy hipbones on boys, openmindedness, men's deodorant, buffy, jerry springer, mcdonalds when you are really pissed, being in love and knowing someone feels the same way about you.

bad stuff: ignorance, feeling used, prejudice, insignificance, loss, missing someone so much it hurts, lame rap-metal bands, manufactured pop acts, red baseball caps, oprah, tickling, being woken up in the morning by a lawn mower next door, exams, assignments, mcdonalds when you aren't really pissed, hangovers, falling out of love.

music i can't live without: JEFF BUCKLEY, radiohead, george, placebo, the tea party, powderfinger, soundgarden, the mark of cain, something for kate, elixir, ed hardcourt, you am i, tim buckley, shihad, garbage, a perfect circle, mr bungle, fantomas, tomahawk, lovage, primus, coldplay, gomez, ash, iOTA, mick hart, gota cola, tool.

other things you should know about me:

* i have a sister, half brother, step brother and a step sister
* i own 600 cd's
* i have a nail polish fetish
* i don't like to wear pants (though i do like to wear THE pants. hehe)
* i watched breakers and liked it (and was in love with alex)
* i am obsessed with buffy
* i love men's depdorant
* i own a new kids on the block tape
* i own a whip and a cat-o-nine-tails
* i have about 100 band shirts. 
* cd's are my worst addiction
* i used to own a hypercolour t-shirt
* i used to think boys II men were cool
* when i die i am going to marry jeff buckley and have 10,000 of his babies
* if i was a lesbian i would marry angelina jolie
* i own a pair of rollerskates
* i have no piercings (damn i gotta work on that one)
* the exorcist was the first horror movie i ever saw... when i was 10!
* i hate rum
* i quit smoking in april, 2001
* i came first in the most subjects and won the most prize money in year 12 but did not get dux (no i am not bitter)
* i used to have a horse named septemberlad. my dad named him. septemberlad was lucky, dad named his horse i-am-a-called-a-lassie.
* my best friend's middle name is fraser
* i steal shot, pint, schooner and middy glasses, caraffes and ashtrays from pubs for fun.
* a boi has finally bought me flowers!! *points at dan*
* i am loud... very loud
* my paarty trick: i can fit the bottom end of a schooner glass in my mouth
* i have never been to tasmania
* i worship at the shrine of satan (k, well maybe i made that one up)
* i have never been on a tv game show
* i used to play tennis, netball, basketball and beach volleyball competitively. my dad was the president of the tennis club so my sister and i used to steal lollies from the tuck shop.
* i never had an imaginary friend
* i have never sleepwalked (unlike my stepsister who tried to climb up a wall in her sleep)
* when i die i wish to be cremated with all of my cd's (especially the jeff buckley and radiohead ones)

email me if you are bored

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