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A very long time ago our daughter was first diagnosed with ADHD and as she continued to get older more conditions were more pronounced and diagnosis were given. Recently we discovered that the PDD which in the english language means pervasive developmental disorder is the umbrella of many different conditions and now our teen age daughter has been given the diagnose of Asperger that is the high end of autism which many parents are not yet aware of. The battle with in these conditions is a very difficult task to cope with for these children since the socialization skills, self esteem, comprehension, rationalization, understanding, and reasoning skills are not within a normal level it becomes a constant struggle due to all these below expectations and indifferences. The lack of understanding and perceptions of reality and the way we know it is a very difficult way of life. As we continue to grow with the knowledge we obtain in helping to fight these conditions with our teenage daughter as she continues to struggle through life trying to understand why she is so different then many other children her own age.. For all this and so much more our hearts go out to parents not seeking the knowledge or understanding of the conditions which fall under the guide lines of PDD. There is ADHD, Bipolar, OCD, Anxiety, Depression, Psycho-Affective-Disorder and among many more under this umbrella of conditions which our daughter had been diagnosed with. Feel free to reach out and touch someone who cares enough to help.
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