Suveg the Athiveg
This is me with a short hair cut
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Welcome to my web page. This web page is developed to create new friends and to update frequent visitor to my web pages.

This is no ordinary web page it is about our feelings that should be expressed to the others. Plans are on the fly to express friend's ideas. Keep me informed of any special occasions/messages that you wanted to be displayed on my web page. This page is going to display lot of funny stuff and good information to know and learn. So keep expressing to my email address and share it with the others.

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POEM COLLECTION this collection has some remade poems, which I hope many of you have read it. But those who have missed it can do it now.

PERSONALITY OF THE WEEK this person is our friend who was voted as the best known individual of the week and this is some sort of an encouragement for all that this human being has and been doing

The Best Joke 'Who me?' and 'the horrible!'

Hello everybody welcome to my home page. Idea of this web page is to create friends and exchange info. Enjoy the goodies available on my pages. Thankyou
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